This small crochet coin pouch will hold all your loose change and is the perfect size to be an AirPod pouch as well! Hook it to your keyring so you always have what you need. This post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support! 

free crochet pattern crochet coin purse crochet AirPods pouch

I’ve always been a wallet girl. I like to carry my cash and cards in a neat wallet, sometimes pinched under my arm, or more recently, in a small, boho-style crossover bag. But what to do with change? I don’t use cash very often, but I still end up with jingling coins somewhere in my bag and I hate it. I decided it was high time to take a few minutes and make myself something: a crochet striped coin purse!

So adorable, right?

free crochet pattern small coin purse crochet coin pouch

It’s the perfect size for carrying all your change, and tucks neatly into your bag or purse OR you can even hang it on your keyring.

[UPDATE: it’s also randomly the exact, perfect size to fit AirPods! Someone on your holiday list getting AirPods? Turn this crochet coin purse into a crochet AirPod pouch!

crochet AirPods crochet case pouch free crochet pattern
free crochet pattern AirPods case pouch


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What you need: (affiliate links)
G hook (4mm)  + F Hook 
-Medium Weight yarn (Comfy Worsted and Shine Worsted)
-Medium Button
-Needle and Thread
Darning Needle

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet 
Sc2tog – Single Crochet Decrease
Sl st – Slip Stitch 
Sk – Skip

Gauge: 8 sc = 2″ (Gauge Pattern)


This crochet pattern can be purchased in my shops! Where would you like to shop today?

Note: for a better looking seam, drop your 1st color with 2 loops left on your hook from a half-done sc in the last stitch. Draw a loop of your second color on your hook and pull through as the last loop to complete the sc. Then join and continue on to the next row. 

(use a hook one size smaller for your foundation chain)
Ch 8.
Switch to 4mm hook.
1. Work 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc in next 5 chs. Work 3 sc in last ch. Working across the other side of the chain: Sc in next 5 chs. Work another sc in first ch, same chain where you worked the first 2 (3 total) Join with a sl st. (16 sts)
2. Ch 1. Work 2 sc in next 2 sts. Sc in next 5 sts. Work 2 sc in next 3 sts. Sc in next 5 sts. Work 2 sc in last st. Join with sl st using 2nd color (22  sts)
3. Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Join with a sl st using 1st color. (22 sts)
4. Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Join with a sl st using 2nd color. (22 sts)
5.  – 11.  Alternate rows 3 and 4 respectively, changing colors each row.
12. Using first color, ch 1. Sc 19. Ch 8. Sc in next st. Sc in next 2 sts. Join with a sl st.
Cut yarn.

Fold the pouch flat. Work from the INSIDE of the pouch. Join yarn in the 1st st of round 12, using your third color (or the color you prefer).
1. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc in next 2 sts.  Sk the 8-ch loop, but work sc in the next sc. It helps to fold down the chain like a flap to get it out of the way. (Be sure to fold it OUT, so it is outside the pouch when it’s done).  Sc in next 4 sts. Turn. (8 sts)
2. – 5. Ch 1. Sc in each st. Turn. (8 sts)
6. Ch 1. Sc2tog. Sc 4. Sc2tog. Turn. (6 sts)
7. Ch 1. Sc in each st. Turn. (6 sts)
8. Ch 1. Sc2tog. Ch 2. Skip 2 sts. Sc2tog. Don’t break yarn, don’t turn.
Continuing where you left off, sc down the side of the flap, across the top of the pouch opening, and up the other side of the flap. Join with a sl st at the beginning of row 8.
Tie off.
Weave in ends.

Sew a button about 3 rows down from the top. You will want to leave a bit of space if you intend to use it as a crochet AirPods pouch, so the flap can accommodate the thickness of the case. If you want to use it for change, you can sew the button lower so the flap is flush when closed.

free crochet pattern crochet coin purse pouch
free crochet coin purse pouch patter

The little ring on the crochet coin pouch makes it perfect to keep on your keys! If you like the key fob, you can find the crochet pattern here. You can also attach using a carabiner or other hook.

crochet coin purse keyring
small crochet pouch coin purse free crochet pattern




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  1. The very first row is very confusing. I had to quit because I wasn’t sure how to do it. “Working across the other side of the chain:”

    1. The chain is the middle, not the bottom, so you work up one side of the chain, an down the other, making a long oval. The foundation chain is like a line down the middle of the oval.

  2. Love this pattern! Thank you. I was making it specifically for my AirPods. I made the loop on the back longer so that I could just loop it around the handle of whatever bag I’m using. My daughter liked it so much that I had to make one for her too.

  3. I’m having trouble with the 12th row… it says «sc in next 2 st » and the 2 is underlined. Does it mean like a decrease or just 2 sc? Thank you!

  4. That’s my daughter as well! They are always falling out of her pants pocket, even though I told her many times to keep them in her bag.
    Yesterday, she called me from the school bathroom asking me to track them on Find my iPhone via iCloud. Today, she’s getting this pouch! :P

  5. That is such a cute pouch, I tried making it but it didn’t turn out well. One thing I’m confused about is where do you join at the end of the row? My sttich count was totally off. Should i use a stick marker.


  6. OMG! i just got me some of there air bud things! i was just telling my husband, “I wish it came with a little case..” i had not even thought to make one. THANK YOU!1

  7. Just made this for my husband, he’s in the military and works on the flightline. He is always losing his “ear plugs” in his pockets. So I added a small hook to the loop so he could attach it to a belt loop and still put it in his pocket, keeping it handy. The rest of the crew wants one too. Thank you for this clever idea.

  8. I just want to thank you for sharing these patterns. I’ve been home-bound for almost 3 months because of a medical issue. Luckily I am able to work from home (I’m an IT systems administrator), but I’ve fallen way behind in the little gifts I try to give all my coworkers each year. These are perfect! Your kindness in sharing your talent means a great deal.

    1. For the Bigelow foil wrapped tea bags, it’s too small. I would add an extra increase or two in the first row, maybe 3, and do 2+ extra rows up. Hope it works out! It would fit teabags that don’t have foil as is, maybe 2

  9. I was just at the doctor and was told my asthma is bad enough that I need to keep a rescue inhaler with me at all times. I’m going to try and modify the coin purse to make a holder for my inhaler

      1. Good idea about modifying the coin purse into a rescue inhaler pouch! I need one of those too! Thank you for all of your lovely patterns! Carmen

  10. I love this pattern! I am always hunting for pattern for my followers on FACEBOOK.

    I share with them a little thing call FAVORITE FIND FOR MY FOLLOWERS! I picked this pattern today! So cute! I was hunting for something to create Church Ladies and Girls!

    Perfect little gift! Maybe with a couple of gold chocolates inside.

    Owner and Designer: I will follow you!
    Thanks for sharing beautiful designs!

  11. Hello, I’m having trouble with the pattern when it begins with, “fold the pouch flap”. How can I fold the flap when it hasn’t been created yet? And should I detach the yarn from the step above that? You say to “start in the 4th st to the right of the join and then sc 5” but you don’t really state if I should reattach the yarn on the 4th stitch. So I don’t really know what to do at this point. I’ve tried it several ways and yes I am working on the inside. Would you please clarify for me a little better, please? Thanks!!