Argyle is so cute, isn’t it?
I wanted to share my Argyle Baby Hat crochet pattern, today.
It’s a real simple pattern, and uses an appliqué piece, that attaches after you have finished crocheting your hat.

Cute Baby Boy or Girl Argyle Crochet Hat Free pattern

Argyle Baby Hat 3-6 Months
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Medium
Hook: Size F
1. Ch 6. Sc 1 in 2nd ch from hook. Sc 4 across the whole ch. Turn.
2. Ch 1. Sc 5 in front loops. Turn.
3. Repeat  step 2 until your piece is 13 ½ inches long.
Using a sl st, sew ends together to make a band.
Working around the top of the band, sc around the whole hat. It’s a little weird because your stitches are now sideways, but try to make them as even as you can. Join the round with a  sl st.
Body of hat:
1. Ch 1. Sc around your whole hat, join with sl st.
2-14. Repeat  step 1.
15. Ch 1. (Sc 1, sc2tog in next st) all around the hat. Join with sl st.
16. Ch 1. Sc2tog all around the hat. Join with sl st.
17. Repeat step 16.
Pinch the small hole and sc 1 through both sides. Pinch the opposite side and sc 1 through both sides. Weave in end. Sc around the bottom of your hat. Again, it’s sideways, but do the best you can.
Diamond Argyle Piece
Ch 6. Sc 1 in 2nd st from hook. 4 sc across ch. Turn
Ch1. Sc in next st. sc 1. Sc2 tog. Turn.
Ch1. Sk first st, sc 2. 2 sc in last st. Turn.
Ch 1. Sc in next st. sc 1.  Sc 2 tog. Turn
Ch1. Sk first st, sc 2. 2 sc in last st.
Ch 1. Sc around the outside to the diamond.  Ch 1 on each corner. Leave a long tail. Sew your diamond pieces onto your hat using a yarn needle.
For diamond outline, embroider using a single thread of yarn and a yarn needle.
***The size of this hat is completely customizable. You can simply make your band longer or shorter depending on the size that you want, and follow the rest of the steps accordingly.

Cute Baby Boy or Girl Argyle Crochet Hat Free pattern

***You are welcome to use this pattern to make items in your crochet shop, however you MUST link back to this blog post in your listing. And DO NOT redistribute this pattern. If you wish to share, share the link to this page. Redistribution is theft, so please, be kind and link back. Thanks for your cooperation!***

Happy crocheting!

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    1. Thank you! I have never made a hat that size (all of mine are baby sizes), but you will want the finished circumference to be about 17 inches around for a toddler size. Since this hat starts with the band, it’s pretty simple!