Crochet Baby Strap Flip Flop Sandals

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Crochet in the summertime can get a bit tricky. Who wants a super warm scarf, or thick, cozy slippers in the summer? Maybe someone, but not this overheated pregnant lady.
Since I love baby shoes, and I love designing baby shoes, I knew I needed to get on a new summer pattern for those little feet!

Free Crochet Pattern - Get the pattern for these sweet baby flip flops, adorable for any occasion. {Pattern by Whistle and Ivy} 




Oh  my goodness! Aren’t baby feet the cutest!? I am so happy when I have a baby model that will wear my crochet shoe creations. (My sweet little niece). They just convey the message so much better.

I am excited to release my newest baby shoe pattern, these Baby Flip-Flop Sandals.  Even though these are adorable and pink, they would definitely work for a baby boy as well. And, these actually stay on quite well; my niece had them on her feet for several hours. This is so important when designing baby shoes. I have actually had to scrap several adorable patterns because they just didn’t stay on little baby feet. If they don’t stay on, what’s the point!?


Free Crochet Pattern - Get the pattern for these sweet baby flip flops, adorable for any occasion. {Pattern by Whistle and Ivy}

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What you need:
Caron Simply Soft (Strawberry and Heather Gray)
Size F Hook
Yarn Needle


Stitches used:

Single crochet
Double Crochet
Half Double Crochet


Click here for the free written pattern:Strap Baby Flip Flops


Click here for a video tutorial for the Baby Strap Flip Flops




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Happy crocheting!




  1. Shirie says

    How can I get the pattern for those Beautiful flip flops? I just don’t know how to get it. Thank you, Shirie White

    • says

      There is a link at the bottom of the post that says: “Click here for the free written pattern”

  2. Jody says

    I’m making these awesome flipflops right now and your instructions are great. I noticed in your pictures it appears there is no beginning or end to your stitching. How are you hiding where you join and your tie off knots?
    A note (that may be obvious) – if you are left handed, you have to count to the left (instead of right) in step 5. Thank you Bethany!

    • says

      Hi Jody!

      I just tie everything off on the bottom. I kind of talk about it in the video, but really the best way I have found is to tie a small, sturdy knot and seal the ends with a tiny dab of glue. Its seems less messy-looking than other ways!

  3. Lori Shields says

    I just made my first pair of flip flops for babies in seafoam and pink… this pattern. Thank you Bethany; your video helped me through it. Love this!

  4. Denise says

    These are so cute!!! A friend asked me to make a pair for another friend’s daughter. I used a light pink and seafoam green. They came out adorable :-) and thanks for the wonderful video. I found it very easy to follow.

        • says

          I’m not sure. It would depend on what yarn you use and what your personal gauge is. An 18 mo old (depending on his/her size) might have a size 5 shoes, which would be about 4 3/4”. You will just have to experiment.

  5. miranda says

    Well written pattern, great little project! They are so cute. I used cotton and did the cross strap in a k1p1 rib. I took a pic but am not sure how to add it.

  6. Brenda Payne says

    Hi Bethany. My name is Brenda. I would love to make my first granddaughter a pair of those baby flip flops. I don’t crochet for profit. I only make things for family. I have 6 grandsons and she is my first girl. Thank you so much.

  7. Betty Mann says

    Thank you for this pattern, I have it saved on my computer and making for my great niece, this will be very nice an I look forward to following you, as crocheting is a dying art and it does not seem many do it anymore. My grandmother taught me 40 years ago and I going to teach my granddaughter

    Thank you again

      • Deidre Hanna says

        Hi. I’m looking for the pattern for the fort pair of crocheted sandals thy are pink and gray. Thanks so much for being so creative and sharing.

      • Paula says

        I have been inspired! But making these adorable little flip flops is a bit more challenging than I had expected. I am very grateful for the videos. As a beginner (also a fastidious perfectionist), they are what has made it so I don’t give up from abject frustration.

        Thanks and keep up the good videos, lots of explaining of basics is good, very good!

  8. kanea clarke says

    Do you sell the crochet flip flops.
    Im not the best at knitting

  9. Cathy says


    In your written patterns for the flip flop you have the number of stitches that one should have after each step in the 0-3 month sandal sole. I have practiced and practiced trying to make the sole for the 3-6 month flip flop, but each time I get a different stitch count when I’m finished. Could you please tell me how many stitches there should be in each step of making the sole for the 3-6month and 6-9 month. Thank you!

  10. Linda Rasmussen says

    I cannot wait to try your pattern.. must now go shopping for yarn and hot glue.. :D .. thank you so much for making your patterns available for everyone.

  11. says


    First of all, these baby sandals are ridiculously cute! Second, if one more person forwards me the link to your blog…! Seriously though, I’m going to have to make dozens of these now.
    Love your patterns!


    • Ginny says

      I second that Lisa, love all her patterns. Nicely written and easy to follow. Finished products are very adorable. Love them all !!!

  12. Jan says

    I would love to make the flip flops or any other shoe or slipper. Problem is, I only know how to knit. Do you have any patterns for knitting. Thanks

    • says

      I am a knitter too, but it was super easy to crochet these little flip flops. She has a step by step video and for the parts where she’s a little too fast for beginners you can on the links for the individual stitches, there’s a video for those too. She is very detailed with the videos, they are GREAT! I made a pair last night and it only took a few hours to get down the stitches, after that it was a snap. They are really fast to make after you get the hang of the stitches. You should try them!

    • says

      I just wanted to reassure you that you will want to make the baby sandals in the crochet pattern, so the sandal is a little sturdy. I do both and I reassure you that crocheting is much easier to learn than knitting. If you get on the internet and ask how to crochet, there will be self help lessons on videos. If you spend a morning or afternoon, just practicing, you will learn crochet. Hope this was encouraging. Have fun!

  13. Martha says

    I downloaded the pattern, but your logo takes up half the page on top of the pattern. So can’t read the pattern. I tried it on my kindle and still had the

    • says

      Since the kindle is e-paper, it doesn’t display the light gray watermark correctly. You can try opening in Adobe reader or on a tablet instead.

      • Martha says

        I tried several applications. And had issues with all.

        • says

          Yes, but if you are using an older Kindle, it might not work regardless of the application because it is e-paper. Did you try viewing on a computer or a device other than your Kindle?

          • Brittany says

            I am having trouble viewing your pattern also!! I am using my PC but your logo in the background does not allow me to read the pattern.

          • says

            I’m sorry! I don’t know what to say. The logo is light gray, so it is not displayed correctly for you for some reason.

          • Krystal says

            I’m having the same issue, although I’m on my phone. Hopefully it’ll show up better on my laptop but the watermark on my phone is black. And huge. And you can’t see half the pattern. I figured it wasnt meant to be that way because its completely unreadable. But its all good. The videos probably easier to follow anyway.

  14. Brianna says

    Hi, I was just wondering if you have these for 12-18 months? I love these and would like to make my daughter some.

  15. Brianna says

    Do you have a pattern for 12-18 months? My daughter is 16 months and I want to make her some, these are too adorable!

    • says

      I don’t! I have had lots of requests though, so I am going to try and design a toddler versiOn this summer.

      • Angela says

        My niece would love these for her little one (8 mo.) but is concerned about slipping (they have hardwood flooring) so would be awesome to have some tip to make slip/proof!

        • says

          That is a concern! I have never made any non-slip. Some readers have commented that you can use puffy paint, hot glue, or spray on silicone. How this helps!

        • Merlene says

          They have a spray you can put on the soles of yarn shoes/slippers. I don’t know what it’s called, but I used it in the past and it works good.

  16. Yvette Dyson says

    I am having the same issue with your free patterns. The logo is showing black and white on my screen and when I tried printing up one page the logo totally covered the instructions and printed up black, the same as it was on the screen.

    • says

      I have not heard readers having problems printing it,(are you printing from a computer?) but the kindle does not display the pattern correctly since it is e-paper instead of a tablet. It should view fine on any other device or computer.

      • Brenda Piccirilli says

        I downloaded the pattern but can’t see some of the words due to the logo covering them.

        • says

          If you are using Kindle, trying opening in Adobe Reader. Kindle is e-paper, so it may not view the light gray watermark correctly.

        • Brenda Piccirilli says

          I’m using my Android phone (no computer at this time) and I did sleuthing. I found that when I open the download I tap the dots at the top right and select ‘Reading view’. Problem solved!!

  17. Lesley says

    Hi Bethany, I love your shoe patterns, they are adorable. Is there any way to make them non slip for toddlers just starting to walk, I have to take them off her to stop her slipping.

    • says

      I have personally never made them non-slip, but I have heard other’s suggest using puffy paint or hot glue on the bottoms. Another reader also crocheted a separate piece from hemp and attached it to the bottom. I hope this helps!

        • Mary says

          Hot glue! :) Definitely agree on the hot glue! :) I’d do it in either a dotted, striped, or swirl pattern on the bottom to get lots of gripping points ^-^

      • Peggy says

        You can buy a spray on rubber made for backing rugs, shoes,slippers, anything you want to make non slip

      • Linda Mix says

        While in Florida this winter I learned to make bali slippers. The bottoms are made with a non skid fabric which I purchased at a quilt store Quilters Quarters at Zephyrhills. I bought extra because I crochet warm footies for elderly people who have mobility issues. I buy shoe inserts at $Store or Walmart, cut them to desired size, the cut the nonskid a quarter inch larger. Do a blanket stitch all the way around non skid, tack glue the insert to inside of it, then sew with yarn needle to the sole. It works great!I’m now wishing I had bought more of it but I think I saw it online and it comes in different colors. Hope this helps-I am 68 and still learning new things-I love it!

      • Jaylina says

        I found online that you can use acrylic latex caulk to make them non-slip. Hope this helps.

  18. Nancy Schrock says

    Tried to print “Free” pattern. Big Black Whistle and Ivy logo all over directions?????
    Cant use it like that!! Can you send clear pattern in an email?

    • Bethany says

      The watermark is light gray, did you try opening in a differnt app like Adobe reader?

      • Jessica M says

        I opened the pattern in adobe and the watermark was really dark. I could barely see the words. I tried opening it in other programs too, but nothing worked.

        • Bethany says

          I’m sorry, it must be your device. It is light gray.

          • Jan says

            Did you try printing it in color? I did and came out fine.

    • Ginny says

      Mine always print out that way but I can see through the logo, it must be your printer. Love you free patterns Bethany

  19. says

    My boyfriend’s mother doesn’t allow shoes to be worn in her home. I would like to make some of these in adult sizes that she could leave by her door and her guests can have something to slip on so they don’t have to go barefoot. Is it possible to adjust the pattern to a larger size? I’m a beginner. Thank you! ;)

    • Bethany says

      Hi Shelly,

      It is possible! It would take a lot of trial and error, however. The sizes are just simply too different to “adjust”, if you know what I mean. I would need to rewrite the pattern in order to give you any real help. I have plans to write this pattern in larger sizes, hopefully this summer! I have adult slipper patterns that you could check out and use as a guide if you want to move forward :)

    • marina says

      Hello, your little shoes are so cute I am a little confused on how to do the sole for the flip flops. Is there a way you can make a video on the sole or something?

      • Bethany says

        Thank you! The link to the video is under the pattern link.

  20. tina says

    Hi…ur little flip flops are cute…my coworkers all sent me the link..I have one question ..”when working on the sole..the last round when u increase on the top you say to sc 2x in the next 5 sts. But in ur video u do it 10x? Is that right? I’m looking at the 3-6 month sole…” thank you for your help… Tina

  21. darnel says

    When I downloaded the free writing pattern there is a black box in the middle of the pattern so i can not read the rest of it I’m trying to make newborn flip flops. Thank you so much for the free pattern

    • Bethany says

      Try a different reading app. The light gray watermark shows up black in some default apps.

  22. laurie says

    I wonder if you would tell me how you tied off when changing colors? I have not made these yet, cute as they are, because little items are hard to hide ends in. Thanks for making pattern available. At least 3 people have sent my your link via FB — I can take a hint :)

    • Bethany says

      haha! Thanks :) The ends are a bit of a nuisance, and its really impossible to hide them completely. For the sl st edge, I stitch it back and forth through the back side of the sl st on the sole. It’s not perfect, but not terrible! The other tail aren’t too bad, the top part is easier to hide. Hope this helps!

      • Laurie says

        Thank you Bethany! Yes, it does help, and it’s good to know it’s not just a “me” thing with those ends in little items :)

  23. Amy says

    Hi Bethany, I’m making these for my cousin’s baby. My question is that when I go to make the heel strap, it says to find the middle of the heel and count 8 (3-6 months) sl st to the right and join, then to make the chain and skip 9 sl st and join again, but when I do that it, I end up joining the chain to the 3rd sl st from the left of the middle on the heel. If that makes any sense? Did I mess up or do I need to skip a couple more sl st before joining?

  24. Hazel Lott says

    How can I get a copy of the instructions to crochet the Baby Flip Flops?

      • Hazel Lott says

        I did as you said but it won’t let me print it. PSE Adobe Photo Shoot or Photo Shop comes up. Is there any way I could order the instructions? I’ll be glad to pay for them.

        • Bethany says

          Hm. You might need to update your adobe reader. It’s just a link to a pdf.

          • Hazel Lott says

            It’s real little but I thought if I could get it printed I might somehow make it bigger. I’ll try updating the adobe reader & see if that works. Thanks for your help.

          • Bethany says

            It might also be a setting on your printer if its printing smaller than standard paper size. Sorry! I hope you are able to figure it out!

        • Kamiko says

          right click on the link, and save link as, this will save it in .PDF format, save it to your desktop. then go to the file on your desktop, and print it form your computer. hope that helps.

  25. Pamela LaForest says

    I am making these for my first great grandson. But I do have a request. My son…posted a picture of them today and asked if anyone could make some for him. I thought it would be fun to make him a pair for Christmas. My problem, I know how to follow patterns, but don’t know how to adjust for sizes. He wears a size 14 EEE. Can you help me make the pattern big enough for his feet?
    Thank you so much!!

    • Bethany says

      I am sorry! I am not exactly sure either! I would have to rewrite the pattern. What shoe size is 14 EEE, is that American sizing?

      • Pamela LaForest says

        Yes it is American size. My son has to special order most of his shoes because they are a bit big. Thank you anyway :)

      • Kamiko says

        its a very wide shoe size, and wont be on regular patterns. this has to be specially made by a someone who deals with that size shoes. many people dont have any way to gauge that, and wont be able to do the pattern. it will cost her to find someone who can.
        i have problems with Edema, so i understand the width issue, but i cannot gauge it either.

  26. Jennifer Watkins says

    Several of my friends just share this via FB and I love them!! I am a novice and would like these for a friend who just had her first girl , but I am afraid I would either royally mess this up, or her daughter will be too big before I finish. So, would you be willing to sell a finished pair?

    Thanks for this post! Hope to talk to you soon!


      • Jennifer Watkins says

        Great! Will put it on my calendar. Congrats on your new little package :)

          • Aires says

            Finally made the pink and gray flip flops Bethany!!! Absolutely adorable….can’t wait to make another colour scheme. Greatly appreciate the free patterns and you tube tutorials. You have inspired me in crocheting that’s for sure due to the cute shoe patterns from your website. Keep up the creativity!! THANK YOU!! x

          • says

            You are so welcome!! Thank you very much for your kind words, they mean a lot :)

  27. Shirley Mullen says

    Bethany, thank you for sharing your pattern for these adorable little flip flops!! I’ve just had surgery on my left hand, so unable to crochet right now. As soon as I heal up, I’ll be making a pair for my great grandbaby!! She’ll love them!! You have incredible designs! Thank you for sharing!! Hugs from Choctaw, Oklahoma!!

    • Bethany says

      You are welcome! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I means so much to hear that my patterns are being used :) Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

      • Shirley Mullen says

        Congratulations Bethany on your new baby girl!! She’ll have the best dressed little tootsies in the world!! Enjoy every second and Happy Thanksgiving!!

        • Bethany says

          Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

          • Deborah Beattie says

            Congratulations on your new addition. Thank you so much for your patterns

          • Bethany says

            Thank you! And you are very welcome!

  28. arg15 says

    Thanks for this, can’t wait to make a pair for my dd.

  29. Andri Fourie says


    I live in South Africa, so can’t find the same wool you used… will it be fine if I use a double knit wool and 4 mm hook?

    • Bethany says

      I think it might! Make your sole and double-check the length to make sure the sizing is correct. You might need to adjust your hook, but that yarn would probably be very close.

  30. Ashley says

    Just wanted to thank you for producing such a cute pattern. I had a friend link these to me on Facebook and asked if I could make them for a niece of hers and they were just a blast to make. They’re so easy and quick to whip up and all of my coworkers that I have made them for just fawn over how adorable they are. Thanks again for a wonderful pattern. I look forward to adding little buttons and bows to the straps as I make more.

    • Bethany says

      You are so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment, it means a lot :)

  31. Jayson says

    First off, I just want to say this was really fun to make, thank you! A couple of friends at my church came upon this pattern and asked if I could make a pair for their newborn boy, since they are Seattle Seahawks fans, I took and used Seahawks colors to make. They absolutely love them. I fact, a few ladies at church fell for them and asked if there is a way to make adult sizes for them. I’m only just starting to learn how to adjust patterns to fit, so I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the soles for bigger sizes?

  32. Norma says

    What specifically should I put on the tags of the items I wish to sell? Would “” satisfy your request for credit? Or should there be more?

    Please provide an example to make this more clear.

    Thank you!

    • Bethany says

      Sure, my website is fine. Don’t stress too much! My blog name or URL is fine. Thank you very much for your concern :)

  33. zelda willemse says


  34. Ellen says

    Would you please tell be how to find a pattern for the sole that explains the sizing and what hook size to use, etc?

  35. Bekki says

    Wish you had a printer friendly version of this pattern…

  36. says

    I love your patterns! I started crocheting when my baby girl was born last Sept. I’ve made so many shoes following tutorials from YouTube that would just not stay on her feet. So far everything I’ve made that you have done stays on great! I just made a pair of these cute sandals in yellow and pink to match her birthday dress. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Bethany says

      You are so welcome! Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  37. Dawn Melton says

    i am having issues with the guage sizing on the sandals. the 3-6 is running the size of 6-9. and i tried dropping a hook size and it didnt change much. what am i doing wrong??? could it be im using red heart instead of caron??

    • Bethany says

      Absolutely! You should use Caron Simply Soft with all my patterns.

  38. says

    Just started my first pair of flip flops having alittle trouble with the strap between the toes, but I’ll keep working on them. My son and daughter-in-law have friends that are pregnant and this will make great shower gifts. Look forward to using more of your patterns.

    • Bethany says

      Thanks! Be sure to check out the video, I hope it clears up anything you are struggling with!

  39. says

    God. I really wish your comment box was at the TOP of the comments.whew. that was a ton of scrolling i made the 0-3mo. With a G hook since i crochet slightly tight. They were iny 3inches long. I am thinking i will jump to the next size!

  40. jeri says

    Row 9 said to sc in same st turn 90 degrees. I didn’t understand so I watched the video and I didn’t see you turn 90 degrees. Did I mess up?

    • Bethany says

      At 11:39, I stop working rows, turn 90 and start working down the side.

  41. Melissa says

    Hi there!

    My God-Sister had linked me your pattern for this since she wanted me to make them for her baby due in a few months. I followed your video on YouTube and found it very easy! I love how they turned out! I was able to make the pair in just under 2 hours. Not bad considering I had my kids bouncing in and out of my workspace. Lovely tutorial and adorable flip flops!

    Thanks so much!

    • Bethany says

      You are so welcome! Thank you for your kind comment :)

  42. Nikki says

    Hello, the flips are adorable! I tried making them this morning and ran into problems that I don’t see anyone else has had. (i’m a fairly experienced crocheter) But on the 0-3 month size when it says to chain 14 and attach with a slip stitch.. i do not get where the instructions are for the other strap?? and when you sc 25 around the heel and strap.. i’m just lost! Help! :)

  43. Megan says

    I followed the pattern with no trouble and they are super cute! But I made my niece a pair and sent them off, 10 hours away. And they are too small :( The strap across the top is not long enough to stretch over her chubby baby feet. I think newborn would be okay, but anyone considering making this pattern in larger sizes, I suggest getting measurements or adding a few stitches to that top strap so that it will fit!

    • Bethany says

      Unfortunately all babies’ feet are different, and people crochet at different tensions. The 3-6 months size fit my niece’s feet perfectly at 6 months old.

  44. Michelle says

    What is the mm size of your F hook? That should have been put on the list not just the letter as all F hooks are not the same in mm size.

  45. Debra says

    OMG Thank you for making a video! I have so many new babies to make gifts for and making them is cheaper than buying some cheezy junk. :)

      • Cheryl says

        Sigh… silly me! I’m on a Kindle and don’t see much at once. I’m still trying to figure out how to view the pdf properly on a Kindle. It’s showing your watermark as reversed colors and I can’t read the text. :(

          • Cheryl says

            Which one would you suggest, since it’s a PDF?

          • Cheryl says

            For those who had trouble with the reversed colors on the watermark, making the document unreadable. I used Polaris Office to open it on my Kindle. Try using that instead of Adobe.

        • says

          Download the adobe reader app. It works in that. You have to have it on your ki.dle b4 trying to download and open.

  46. Lani says

    Hi, where can I find the Abbreviations for the flip flop pattern, want to make them for a friend. Very cute pattern :)

    • Bethany says

      Thanks! On the FAQs page, in the navigation bar.

  47. says

    Is there any where to buy these already made? I do not have the time to make these, and I have to get them for my niece ASAP!
    Please, someone send me an email either way to let me know…. Thanks!

  48. Ashleigh says

    I can’t figure out how to tie off on the slip stitch around the sole. Mine looks so sloppy :-( please help!

    • Bethany says

      Ya, it’s kinda tough! I kinda go in and out through the stitching on the bottom. I will tie a small knot with the two ends, take one end up and down, and the other end down and up the stitching ( about 2 sts each). Pull it a bit before cutting it so it doesn’t come loose. You will be able to see it no matter what!

  49. Stephanie says

    These are SO cute! I tried making one last night for my daughter who is 9 months. I made the 6-9 month pattern and could barely squeeze her chubby little feet into it! I am trying again tonight, but I altered the pattern on my own: I am using one size bigger crochet hook and bumping some of the stitches up one size (SC becomes HDC and HDC becomes DC). I don’t want to use anything bigger than DC because I want it to still hold its shape. I will let you know how it works out!!! Thank you so much for the pattern :)

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! One hook size should be enough!! If you bump up all the sts and use a bigger hook I am afraid they will be way too big! Let me know how it turns out. Was your finished shoe the same size as mine?

      • Stephanie says

        I tried it and it turned out okay! The sole was a little big, but not WAY too big…big enough that she could grow into them over the rest of the summer. The only part where I increased way too much was in the chains that go around the ankle and around the front. With the strap across the front, I just made it until it was the same size across as the sole; I think I did like 6 or 7 rows of HDC and didn’t go around the edge. I’ll have to keep trying!

  50. Christel Trulson says

    I love these, just need to mske some for 9-12 month and 18 month. Do you have a way to make these bigger sizes? A friend asked me to make bigger ones.


    • Bethany says

      It would take some trial and error, but you could do it. I go up about 2 ch on the foundation for each size up. You will want to work an extra round for the 18 month, to make it wider, so take that into account for your overall length. The rest of the body shouldn’t be too hard! I am working on getting a pattern written for larger sizes if you can wait a few months.

      • Michele Leid says

        Hi, did you ever finish writing this pattern in larger sizes? I can follow a pattern pretty well, but I have a really hard time keeping up with changes I’m trying to make on my own! I’m looking for a 9-12 mo pattern. These are so adorable! Thanks for posting :)

        • Bethany says

          I haven’t yet! I usually write the patterns according to the seasons (here in the US), so this one won’t be rewritten until spring/summer. Stay tuned!

          • Michele Leid says

            Ok, well thanks anyway! I used the Mary Jane sole, steps 1-3 as I saw you recommend to someone else, and just made a few adjustments as I went along… added 1 chain to the heel strap, and attached at slightly different places, but it looks ok to me! I just finished one. I’m going to try it on the little one tomorrow before doing too much on the right flip flop. One thing I noticed… I didn’t tie of ends as I went along. I was able to use my original chain tale to attach the toe thong part. One less end to weave in! Anyhow, assuming this fits ok, I’ll finish the other & post a photo! Thanks again for the pattern!

          • Bethany says

            Oh good! I am glad you figured it out. I will have to use that tail idea :) Weaving in the ends is my nemesis, haha!

  51. Ruth says

    How do I get the pattern for the Whistle & Ivy Baby Flip Flops pattern?

  52. says

    Love these sandals!! I thought you were very clear and your pattern along with the photos was easy to follow. I am a beginner crocheter (only been crocheting a few months) and I was able to whip up a pair of shoes in a couple of hours that actually look like the pictures! Thanks so much for sharing this pattern for free!!

  53. says

    I am having the same trouble as Wendy. The “watermark” is a huge black box covering most of the wording which is also in black making it unreadable. I am using Adobe and the settings are correct. I’ve never had this issue before. I love these sandals and would like to make my granddaughter a pair. Thank you in advance for your help.

  54. says

    Hi, I just love this pattern and a friend of mine sent it to me so I could make a pair for her soon to be little girl. When I click on the link it says that they page is not found though? Is there anyway you can send it to me? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      Hm. It is working on my end. Maybe it’s your browser. Try Firefox or Chrome.

      • says

        I tried Chrome and it is no different. Would you please consider posting just the directions here? My grand-daughter saw them and I promised her I would make them for her, but I can’t do it without the instructions. I would sure appreciate it. I hate to disappoint her.

        • Bethany says

          Hi Wendy,

          I am so sorry you are having so much trouble. Unfortunately, I have already experienced theft as well as plagiarism, so I cannot remove the watermark or post the directions for copy-and-paste. I do what I can, and provide my patterns in the most user-friendly way possible ( a PDF) and give them away freely, but I can’t always please everyone, which I am sorry about. I would suggest perhaps borrowing different computer, but I cannot sent you an non-watermarked copy. My apologies, and hope you can understand.

          • Nila says

            I have tried reading this one several different devices and am unable to because of the watermark. I understand having it bit is there a way to change it’s color or the writings color so the pattern can be read?

          • Bethany says

            The watermark is light grey. It is not displaying correctly for you. Which devices have you tried?

  55. Kourtney says

    Do you have a pattern for a 2 year old or a toddler size 5?

    • Bethany says

      I don’t, but I hope to get started in making bigger sizes of this pattern soon.

  56. Alice Olmsted says

    I know you don’t want me to share this pattern, but could I share it with my crochet club? We donate our work to Santa Clause, Inc. and Loma Linda Children’s Hospital and The San Bernardino Pregnancy Center. These sandals would be perfect for them.

    • Bethany says

      You are free to share the link to my page, but please don’t print out copies and redistribute my pattern in anyway. Pageviews and traffic on my blog enable me to release my patterns for free, instead of selling them on Etsy or other sites. (Not to mentions it’s a breach of copyright law to redistribute my patterns!) Please help me continue to give my patterns for free, thanks!

      • says

        I would like to make a pair of the Baby Flip Flops for my great-grand-daughter who is due in a couple of months, BUT – you cannot read the pattern in the PDF file because of the picture over parts of it.
        Could you please send me the instructions for them privately. I swear I will never share the directions with anyone.

        • Bethany says

          You need to view the pattern on an app other than your default one. You are using a Kindle, correct? Try Adobe or Office.

          • says

            No – I don’t own a Kindle….not even sure what they are. I am on my computer and it uses Adobe Reader. All I know is that the photos are over most of the writing and the photos are black – as is the print – and it is impossible for me to see. I don’t have Office either……

          • Bethany says

            Really? Well the watermark is very light gray and doesn’t interfere with the pattern, so unfortunately it must be the way you are viewing the document, perhaps your screen settings are off.

          • Nila says

            Mine also shows up black on black…

  57. April says

    I am stuck. I’m doing the 6-9 month size and I have the sole done. Now I’m trying to start my sl st with my second color and cannot for the life of me figure out how to start on top. I looked at your pictures and they are confusing me even more since there aren’t any stitches on the side. Help!

    • Bethany says

      If you think of it as just another row, that might help. Join wherever, as if you were going to do extra round of sc, the top facing you, but work sl sts instead, going through both loops. The sl sts will naturally end up on top, due the nature of what they are.

  58. Mary Beth says

    I love to crochet. Most of my friends know this so I often get emails and Facebook posts of things they think I should make. I’ve never had the same project sent to me by more than one person until this one! Starting on it tonight. Thank you!!

  59. says

    Bethany this has got to be the cutest baby sandals ever. I am struggling a bit here with the pattern. When crocheting the sole, should I be turning at the beginning of each round? There is no mention on the pattern of that. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

  60. debbie guidry says

    thanks so much for sharing…………cant wait to make them!

  61. Katie a says

    Just finished these, what a quick easy cute make! My friend is going to be thrilled with them and they only took this evening, a friend sent me the link asking if I could make them for her little girl, and i think I win, as I found your site and your other patterns!
    I just tried the Mary Janes, but something went horribly wrong….. Must have another go, I think I must have marked a stitch wrong somewhere, cos they look super wonky! Try again tomorrow!

    • Bethany says

      Thank so much! So glad you liked it! There is a video for the Mary Janes, so check it out if you are still having trouble.

  62. Marielle says

    SO CUTE. thanks for sharing this pattern. Going to make these for a friend.

  63. Barb Wiggins says

    I’m glad so many people are asking you to make the baby sandals because my adult girls are asking me to make a pair for them to wear!!! I need size 7 and 9 adult sizes!!! They are dead serious!

  64. Laurie Miller says

    I’m new to crochet, and want to know what it means to move up each round

    • Bethany says

      It means to move up your stitch marker. The stitch marker helps you keep track of whether you are ending the rounds in the correct place, so when you finished a round and come back to you, you move it up so it’s always right below.

    • says

      I would love to have an adult pattern when you get it done. These look so comfortable to me. I would use them as a house shoe and around the house. I need something soft on my feet. Thanks for the effort to make larger sizes. God bless you.

  65. Stephanie says

    I am stuck at step 4. Any chance you’re willing to do a video tutorial for this pattern. It’s super cute and I’ve seen it all over Facebook! Great job!

    • Bethany says

      I have plans to do a video, but I am not sure when I will be able to get it done. You can email me with your specific problem and I can try to troubleshoot with you.

      • Cindy says

        I would love a video too! I have the sole done and the ankle and toe part but am a bit confused on how to do the toe piece and strap.

        • Bethany says

          There is a link to a video below the pattern link.

  66. Deb says

    These are adorable. I have never tried to crochet, I love to cross stitch, but I never was lucky in sewing. Which I could though. Have you ever thought about making them and selling them? I would love to buy from you and sell them here in the states.

    This would be something that would sell well…. Thank you.

  67. Alyssa says

    I am doing a pair of 8 month old shoes. Mine ends up looking like a weird snow shoe. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Will you be doing a video anytime soon?

    • Bethany says

      Hm. I would have to see a photo. I have plans for a video, but it might be a few months.

      • Sara says

        My sister and I are trying to make these for our nephew who passed away at birth yesterday, for his memorial service Sunday. We have got everything fine except the toe strap. We are confused on the turning. It is different than turning we have done in making other things. If you could explain how different than going back and forth as I read in other comments and tried to figure out, but cannot :(
        this is really important to us considering the circumstances. I would be soo thankful if you could help us asap! And thank you so much for the pattern!! It is soo cute!

        • Bethany says

          Sara, I am so sorry for your loss, that is so terrible. For the pattern, the turning is not different. It’s like a washcloth except extremely narrow: work sts, turn, ch 1 (to start the next row) work in the same st, and finish the row, turn (repeat). Does that help? Is it written differently? Why did you think it was different (I would like to change the wording if it is confusing people).

          • Sara says

            It just seems like the toe strap is rather wide for the tiny shoe. I’m obviously doing the 0-3month size. It takes over the shoe

          • Bethany says

            The brown and turquoise photo is a 0-3 sized shoe. You can make your strap thinner than that if you want.

        • Carla Keller Walker says

          oh my goodness..I am so very sorry to hear about your nephew. My grandson was born this morning at 8:30am and after reading your post I feel ever so Blessed that he is healthy and well. I will pray for you and your family. God Bless you All.

  68. Beverly says

    I may be having a “senior” block… but when I get to the toe strap, it is a triangle but if I sew that on to the sole, isn’t that awfully thick for a newborn ? I am “folding the triangle” as I attached it, correct? I have been crocheted for years but this has me stumped. I am so sorry for being stupid. Thank you for any help, beverly

    • Bethany says

      No, it’s round, not a triangle. It is just a loop until you attach it.

  69. Brandy Jackson says

    These are super adorable! Any chance you have these but for sizes 12-24 months? I want to make these for a 1 year old =)

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! I don’t :(. But I have gotten quite a few requests for a toddler version, so I will have to see what I can do!

      • Joyce says

        I am having trouble getting to step 3. My sole looks decent, but I am a little lost. Are there any images of the steps? Thanks!

        • Bethany says

          yes, at the bottom of the pattern. The pattern directs you to which photo to look at.

  70. Shirley West-Walters says

    The watermark on my patterns is very light. Must be your printer.

  71. Tami Palmer says

    Anna is correct. When the PDF is downloaded the watermark is black not light gray. This is really frustrating! I adore the sandals but so much of the pattern is blanked out, I’ll never figure it out. Help help help!

  72. Christy says

    Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! I can’t wait to make them. They are adorable. Sometimes it is nice to find a quick project. What they say is so true about people that crochet, being that they are givers. Me being one of them. I love making things and giving them as gifts!

    • Bethany says

      It’s so much fun, isn’t it?! You are very welcome :)

  73. says

    I LOVE these!! I am new to crochet….and am also a new aunt!! My niece was born a little over a week or so ago, but before she came I wanted to first learn crochet (I have been a knitter for several years) and then make her baby booties, blankets, whatever! I have found some great tutorials on youtube but haven’t gotten to the point of actually working on a project. I have found that crochet is much much easier and faster than knitting. Plus…there’s only one needle!!! I think that might be my most favorite part LOL. I just bought a set of Tunisian crochet hooks with the cable and can’t wait to try them out on a larger project. Thank you not only for posting this, but making it free! Thank you!!!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! I think I am going to pick up knitting this fall, so I hope I can make the transition smoothly, haha! I have never tried Tunisan, but my friend does it, and I LOVE how it looks.

      • says

        Oh you should check out knooking. It’s knitting but with a crochet hook…and a string is involved. Google it and you’ll find quite a bit out there. You get the knit look (the stitches are knitting stitches so it’s an actual knitted product), but use a (single) crochet hook. I bought the beginner set that just has 3 hooks (sizes G, H and I) and 3 strings at Wally World for right around $10. But regardless, as long as you have fun doing it, that’s all that really matters :)

        • Bethany says

          Oh really? I should definitely look into it. I LOVE the look of the cabled knitting. This winter will be a perfect time, can’t have too many warm, cozy things. Thanks!

  74. says

    My sister shared these and wondered if I could make them for her youngest granddaughter. Adorable!! I made them exactly as directed, but mine are only 4″ for the 6-9 month. I’m going to try a larger hook with the next pair. You did a great job on the directions!

  75. Anna says

    Hi Bethany, love this pattern. I tried to download it and the watermark is black. I know you said it would be light gray. How can I correct this so that I can print the pattern?
    Thanks for your help, Anna

  76. Robin says

    Hi Bethany, Before I start these, could you please confirm that this is written is American crochet shorthand (not International). I am in Australia and can do the conversion, but I don’t want to start the wrong way. Thank you.

    • Bethany says

      Hi Robin. Yes it is written in American terms. Happy crocheting!

    • Sue Basinger says

      I would really like the instructions to make these adorable sandals! Can you help me ?
      Thank you so very much! Sue

  77. says

    I am a tight crocheter, so I worry that I’m going to make these too small. Do you have finished size measurements available? Like how long the sole is supposed to be upon completion?

    • Bethany says

      Yes! Sorry, I add the measurements in the blog post.

  78. says

    This baby sandal Is so cute how do u get the pattern I can’t figure out where it is can someone please help me thanks so much

    • Kathy-Jo says

      I can not find the pattern for the baby flip flops, could you please help me?Thank you

  79. emily says

    I love these flip flop sandles. Where do I find the pattern? I can’t seem to find it. If possible could you email the pattern ? Thanks emily

    • Bethany says

      Click on the link below the last photo. The pattern PDF link is in pink.

  80. Patti says

    Cuteness!!! I just made these and they turned out so cute!! And I consider myself a beginner…good job Bethany!!! And Thank YOU!!!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you!! You are welcome, I am so glad you liked the pattern!

    • KG says

      Since you’ve completed the pattern can you help me with the toes strap?!

  81. says

    I made my first pair and realized several errors. They were too small anyway so starting over. They were cute even with errors. One thing i was doing was only picking up one loop when crocheting. Now I have the sole made and cannot make my slip stitches look like yours. You say work them on top but do I just pick up one loop here on each slip stitch or do I go through two loops which would really put the stitches in the side of the sole? Any way I do it my yarn looks mixed or mingled not just one color on the edge. Help!! What am I doing wrong??

    • Bethany says

      You work through both loops, and they will look like they are on top.

    • Nicole says

      I suspect you are doing your slip stitch on the wrong side of the sandle if it ends up more on the side than the top-try turning your sole over and doing the slip stitch from the other side.

      • Bethany says

        The right side of the sts should be facing up, so yes you are doing them from the underside, it won’t look right. Thank you, Nicole!

  82. Renna says

    These are so cute. My sister send me the pattern tof make for my nephew. I’m stuck on round 4 (6-9 mth) where it says to slip stitch on top. Everything I try to do doesn’t look right, do u hang a picture that shoes the making of that step? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      I have a photo of the sole after I work the sl sts. I don’t know how I would take a photo of myself working the sl sts? Just work through both loops on the last row, with the right side of the sole facing you.

  83. Debra says

    I am soo a visual learner… I noticed that you had videos of the Mary Janes is there any plan to do a video on these?

    • Bethany says

      Yes! I do have plans. Hopefully I can make them a reality :)

  84. Jessie says

    I made these flip flops. They are so easy to make! They are so cute I have made them for friends. I can make two to three pairs a day!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you Jessie :) I appreciate your sweet comment!

  85. Carolyn says

    Well, they are adorable. But I have a hard time looking at the sandals because my eyes keep going to the cute little toes! Thank you for sharing these!!!

  86. Jan says

    Finally accomplished the pattern, and they are just as adorable as yours! Thank you so very much for your help, and additional picture postings!

    Now one last question….HOW do I un-tag myself from receiving email notifications every time a comment is posted?

  87. Mickey says

    How do you make the strap going across? I can’t find that part in my instructions.

    • Bethany says

      Each size has strap pattern instructions after step 6.

  88. Jennifer says

    Thank you so much for the cute pattern! I am getting stuck on the step where you sl st around in a different color…I must be putting my sl st in the wrong place because I can see the bottom of the sl st through the side of the sandal, unlike yours. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?? Thanks so much!

    • Bethany says

      You will work them through both loops of your last row. Feel free to email or FB message me a photo and I can take a look.

  89. Nikki says

    I saw that others got slightly confused on the toe strap. I have tried to study the pictures as best as I can, but after your photo 6, there are no other pics to help guide me with. I know that you mentioned trying to post more pics, but could you post more showing the tow strap (steps) and then construction as well.??
    Thanks so much. I love these so much and want to be able to finish what I started for once. lol

    • Bethany says

      I wouldn’t even know what to take a picture of. The strap is a simple rectangle; very short rows, going back and forth turning after each row, like a washcloth, with a row of sc around 3 of the 4 sides. The toe strap is just sewn in place, in and out with a needle. I’m sorry, but what kind of picture would be useful to you? I can’t think of how I would photograph that in a helpful way. ( don’t mean to be rude or condescending at all, I literally don’t know how to take a helpful picture of that. If you have an idea, I would definitely consider it.)

      • Angie says

        I too am getting frustrated with the toe strap. I know it is so simple, but I’m stuck lol. When you say to work the pattern 6 times is it a total of 6 times or 6 more times, so a total of 7? Also, I think a picture of just the toe strap after construction but not attached to the shoe may help some people.
        Thank you so much for sharing this adorable pattern! And for all your help :)

  90. says

    I made a pair of these last night for a friend’s new son. His dad is always in flip-flops and I knew as soon as I saw these that this child needed his first pair as soon as possible. Thanks so much for generously sharing your designs.

    • Bethany says

      You are very welcome! I am glad they worked well for you!

  91. Marelize says

    Won’t it be better to have a video of how to make these flip flops. I always find it easier.

    • Bethany says

      Videos are time consuming to make. It’s more than sitting down and crocheting. I understand it would be easier for you, but it wouldn’t be easier for me. I intend to make videos in the future, but it won’t be for a few month. But I did provide a FREE written pattern ;)

      • Clair says

        I prefer reading a blog post along with photos to video. I’m sure I’m not the only one. In fact, I wouldn’t have seen this if it were on video, as I tend to skip right over those.
        Anyway, thank you for the cutest pattern ever! I may just go out, buy what I need to try this and learn to crochet, starting here!! At any rate, I am sharing so that others who do crochet can try your idea/pattern out!!
        Thank you !

        • Bethany says

          Thanks so much, haha! You should :) And you are welcome!

  92. Selena says

    I need to make 2 pairs for twins and when I click on the link for the Pattern I cant get the page to open… I need some help :) Plz & thank you

  93. jennifer says

    The pictures are overlapping the directions when I click on the pattern.

    • Bethany says

      IF you are using a reader you need to view with a different app

      • karen says

        What app do I use to view the baby sandle pattern? Images are overlapping.

        • Bethany says

          I am not sure. One reader said Acrobat Reader worked well for her. Another said Office. The pattern displays correctly on my iPhone and iPad, so am not much help, sorry!

          • katherine says

            I had to move to my desk top to get the full pattern. Try that.

  94. says

    Hi Bethany, I am trying to make this adorable flip flop —I always seem to have issues with shoes!!! my shoe looks narrow and kinda curvy lol not as wide and flat bottom as yours but i’m also working on the 0-3 size not sure if i am doing this right ughhh was given this challenge and really want to complete it I also noticed that you have a two different colors on the bottom–but i dont remember you mentioning changing colors. or did you add another row in the different color after the main bottom was done…lol i hope i dont sound too confusing thanks for any tip you can give

    • Bethany says


      The second color is the sl st around the edge ( you work the body of the shoe through these sl sts). Are you using the suggested hook and yarn? the gauge will not be correct if you are using a different yarn, even if it stay it’s the same weight. Feel free to email me (or on Facebook) a picture of your sole, I might be able to pinpoint what is going on! It’s probably something very simple :)

      • Margie Gaffney says

        Bethany I printed the Bitty Bow Baby Sandle with no problem, but the baby flip flop printed the picture fine, but the word were all dots and squares, how do I get the instructions.

        • Bethany says

          They are the same, just different writing. I don’t why one worked and one didn’t. It might be a problem with your printer, but I couldn’t say for sure.

          • Margie Gaffney says

            I did get it to print most of the pattern and just filled in the part that didn’t print right. I made them yesterday and made a small crochet flower to go on the strap, they are adorable THANK YOU. Margie.

  95. Remi says

    How do I single crochet into the same stitch? It falls out. I have made it work thus far….but I am on the toe strap and just can’t seem to get it. :(

    • Bethany says

      It falls out? You are working in the st from the previous round.

  96. Andrea says

    I am actually 2 1/2 months pregnant and was looking at these and thinkin they would be perfect for when we can bring our child home what do yall think im not entirely sure if they would be safe considering the baby will be brand new

    • Bethany says

      You mean the toe piece? I really didn’t even think about it until someone commented. Probably ask your pediatrician, I have no idea on that.

  97. Lexi Stamper says

    I have been tagged in Facebook posts and had this posted to my timeline at least 4 times in 2 days. I think I’m meant to make them! haha Good thing I love making baby things! Plus, these are possibly the cutest sandals ever. Thanks for sharing your pattern! :)

  98. Rachel says

    I love these sandals. I am making a pair for a good friend of mine, but I am having a bit of trouble understanding how to make the toe area. I have the sandal made and the separate toe strap, but how do I actually make the spot where the big toe separates from the rest of the toes. Please help!

    PS_Thanks for sharing the link to this pattern! I am so happy that I found this!

    • Bethany says

      There are directions at the bottom of the pattern. You basically find the middle dc from the toe sole, find the dc directly next to it (right for one shoe, left for the other) and use your yarn needle and sew or “wrap” the yarn not too tightly around the dc, and around the thong piece. Tie a secure knot on the back and weave in the ends.

      • shaniya says

        Are any of these items for sell?? I had twins prematurely, they are hospitalized and I would love for them to wear these itemwhike in the hospital because they are so small…I Dnt kno how to crochet…pleAse help me get these items thank you my email is thank u

        • Bethany says


          I do everything made-to-order, but I have received so many orders I had to deactivate my listing until I could catch up! I will be opening my listing back up next Monday, so check back then.

          Thanks for your patience!

      • Rachel says

        Thank you! I am sure that I will be able to finish it now.

  99. barbi says

    I’m new to crocheting…having trouble after tying off the sole.. the second half of step 4 and there any other tutorial.. even a video…

    • Bethany says

      Is your problem the sl sts? Its basically just another row, but a sl st is not a real st like a sc, so it ends up laying flat, kind of on top when you are done. Then, in step 5, you will be working through the sl sts, both loops. No video, sorry.

      • barbi says

        its not the sl st….its where to some of the stitches go….like where do you start counting the sl sts when count 7 to right then itsays t ch 1 sc in same st(which I get) but then it says sc 2, Ch 6…not sure where any of this is to be made on the sole…then step 5…sc 25 across the heel and up the side….no sure of where this entire part should start and end up…..

        Toe strap…..ch3, Sc into 2nd ch…sc 1(where? same ch, nxt ch???)……this entire part is not clear at all….am sure its me with the problem….is there more specific directions, pics or video I can follow…

        thank you

        • barbi says

          found the pics at the end…that helps with everything but the strap instructions

        • Bethany says

          well, I don’t recommend this pattern for a beginner, really. It’s a bit more advanced, but if you are set on making them, you start counting the sl sts in the middle of the heel as stated in the pattern. Did you check the photos? I have a photo specifying exactly where to start. You start there and that is where the sc 2 is worked, through the sl sts. Join your yarn through the sl st, work a sc, then work 2 sc working with right sides facing out. Ch 6 is to make the heel, but since it is not connected (its a strap on the back of the heel), you will be skipping stitches, and attached it after the sk sts with a sc. Toe strap is like a wash cloth, it’s just a rectangle . ch 3, sc into 2nd chain and sc 1. Written patterns won’t specify next st, always assume next st unless the pattern specifically tells you to work in the SAME stitch. Like I said, there is no video. They are time consuming to shoot and edit. I hope to get videos up soon, but it won’t be for a few months.

          • Bethany says

            No problem! Good luck, it just takes practice :)

          • barbi says

            I believe I got the everything but the strap…. got any pics or additional directions on the strap…the last piece???

          • Bethany says

            Its just like a short, narrow washcloth. Work your rows, going back and forth turning. The last step you will sc around the edge to give it a finished look. Then, just sew it in place with a needle and thread. I put in right above, or a couple sts above the connector strap. Does that help?

    • Destini says

      If it’s the sl sts you lay the sole out flat and place your hook down and back up to work around the stitches of the last row. I hope that helps you!

      • barbi says

        finally got it all… thank you for all the helpful quick responses

  100. Vicki says

    My daughter just had her second daughter, after 4 boys, and sent this link to me. I can hardly wait to get started! I can’t get my Kindle to read the pattern, so I’m hoping I can on my husband’s tablet. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

    • Bethany says

      You’re welcome! I have had other commenters say that using a different app on the Kindle solved any issues.

    • Danielle Gonzales says

      Hi, you have to download the Adobe acrobat reader app for Kindle to read. Thanks for posting these, they are too cute!

      • Elizabeth says

        Thank you. I just replaced my Kindle and didn’t realize I needed to do this.

  101. Lara says

    I don’t know how to crochet so would someone be willing to make me a pair or 2 and I’ll pay you? It would be greatly appreciated.

    • says

      I would trace the child’s foot size and then use those measurements with the sizes provided to determine a gauge.

      Then adjust the largest pattern to fit.

      That’s what I have done in the past for slipper patterns that my older daughter has liked and I could only find in kids and had to adjust to adults.

      Usually it takes a few extra rounds (depending on how the pattern is written.). I will tell you this. To keep the shape and not have it get too round in shape I try to not shape until the end

  102. Nancy Escobar-Vervaeren says

    Oh my! I’m not good at all on crochet, I go as far as doing chains, but with this project and a baby niece of almost 2 m.o. I’m willing to learn!
    Thank you! This are the cutest thing ever! I’m trying tomorrow, and if I succeed, I’ll share with you… I’m already imagining my niece’s little feet on this! :)
    Wish me luck and thanks again for being an inspiration!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! Good luck! I will try to help if I can, just let me know.

  103. Shelia says

    These are adorable, my granddaughter just tagged me on FB “hinting” that my great granddaughter needed a pair of these really bad.

    • Bethany says

      Hahahaha! Thanks! Did you pick up on the hint ;)?

      • Shelia says

        yes i did, waiting on her to find something to measure the baby’s foot with. (I couldn’t believe she doesn’t have a tape measure, guess that will be a purchase I will make for her) She lives away from me, so can’t measure it myself Can’t wait to get started.

  104. says

    These are so cute and creative!
    A friend of mine just recently had a baby and sent me to your site for the pattern.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Bethany says

      Thank you so much, Kathryn! You are welcome, congrats to your friend :)

  105. Michelle A says

    Bethany, these are adorable. I have a cousin who always asks “can you make this” which give me challenges, I usually make blankets. I’m almost done but don’t understand how to/where to put the toe piece, does it attach through the 18 chain (6-9 month pattern) or does it just go over the chain? Also, does the toe strap go right next to the 3 sc or a few stitches between. Thanks for the pattern and thanks for your help.

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! The strap goes over the chain (thong piece), and I place it a couple sts above the 3 sc on the side. Sew it on with a yarn needle, on the sides.

  106. Deborah Benson says

    When I downloaded the pattern the whistle and Ivey logo sits in the middle of each page. How can I move it to see the entire pattern?

    • Bethany says

      Are you using a reading device? Try a different reading app. The watermark is light gray and doesn’t interfere with the pattern when displayed correctly.

      • holly says

        I’m having the same issue any way I open it. Could you send an unwatermarked PDF?

        • Bethany says

          Unfortunately, no. You will have to access from a computer if you can’t get it on your device. Sorry!

  107. Amanda Stumbaugh says

    Hey Bethany, love the shoes and I just made a sample because its my first time ever doing an actual crochet pattern! I taught myself crocheting from YouTube but I’m having a hard time doing the top strap and connecting the middle piece to make it into a sandal because of the logo on the directions. I need your help lol

    • Bethany says

      Are you using a reading device? Try using a different app to bring up the pattern. The logo is light gray and won’t interfere if displayed correctly.

  108. Annie Scow says

    Beth these are so cute! I can’t wait to make some for my little girl. Luckily she has tiny feet :) You will love having a little girl that you can crochet all sorts of fun stuff for. Girls are a blast!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you Annie! I know! I am a bit terrified for some reason, maybe it’s having to do two kids at once, or that I felt quite comfortable with my little boy and this will be different, but I am still excited of course :)

  109. kelly says

    hi there i am working on the 0-3 month pattern.. when i complete each round im not coming to the middle of the bootie, by the last round before i slip stitch around im landing on the left side of the bootie to tie off, is this correct or am i doing something wrong here???

  110. says

    I love these! I’m going to have to make some for my newest niece and nephew. Thanks for the patterns!

  111. Lyn says

    Hello, I am after the pattern of the little flipflops (coral & taupe, with the painted toenails), which I think is just gorgeous. These would look just perfect on my niece, would appreciate the pattern if possible.

    • Bethany says

      This is the right place! Below the last pictures, you will find a link to the pdf, it’s in pink.

  112. says

    Thank you, Thank you for sharing this amazing pattern and tutorial – I can’t wait to give this a try!

  113. says

    Bethany, this is such a great pattern! I started making them for a friend who wants them for his newborn niece. I’m a bit stuck at the toe part though. I can get the part 1 down just fine (chaining 3, sc in second from hook, sc 1 in next st, turn) but 2 & 3 are baffling me. I don’t know if I’m having an off day, or what! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to share this pattern! :)

    • Bethany says

      It is an increase. Just like a hat, you have to work more than one stitch together so that your piece gets bigger and doesn’t turn into a tube. So for step 2, you will work 2 sts together in the next 3 sts; 7 up the side, one st in each, then for the toe, you work 2 sts together in the next 5 sts. The step after that is an increase as well, but you are working a single sc in between the doubles.

  114. Mary Brockman says

    When I went to print this only the pictures printed and the Whistle and Ivy logo on each of the next pages. I am unable to pull up the pattern. Help.

    • Bethany says

      It might be a problem with your printer or computer, I am not sure why the text didn’t print for you. But you can still find the pattern on this page.

  115. Ashley says

    Adorable pattern! I’m working on them now! I am a bit confused though. Step 3 says 3 times…do I do step 2 three times? I am making 0-3 months size. And in step 3 it says sc in next 7 stitches…then it says 5 times. Do I do that or is that for bigger sizes? Thanks!

    • Bethany says

      You repeat the sequence inside the parentheses 3 times (and 5 times). NOT the whole step, just the parentheses.

  116. says

    Can I get a pattern for the pink and grey sandals??? I’m expecting my first baby and it’s a girl in a family of boys so would love this. :)

    • Bethany says

      Scroll to the bottom, under the last photo, the link to the pattern is in pink.

  117. Amanda says

    I am going to make these for my grandmother who has cancer, what would you do for the initial chain for a size 9 women’s?

  118. Bea says

    This would so much easier to read of you didn’t put a black picture over the text. Since I couldn’t read some of it I just had to wing it, but they still turned out well. Thanks for sharing.

    • Bethany says

      If the watermark is black, your device is not displaying the document correctly. It is a very light gray, and does not interfere with the pattern. If you are using a device, try a different reader app.

  119. Kylie says

    I’m on the desk top computer trying to get this pattern, but the black box in the middle of each page is making it impossible to read. I have to print this off for my mother, who drives a truck and crochets on her down time, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make it readable.

    • Bethany says

      Hm. I have no idea why it would do that on a computer. I have had a few people have problems on a Kindle, but not on a desktop. Can you normally view .pdf’s?

      • Kylie says

        Yeah, we’ve never had a problem before. I’m not understanding why I can’t view it. I’ve tried several different times too. :-\

        • Bethany says

          I am so sorry! I don’t have any idea why you can’t view it properly. The watermark is light gray, I don’t know why it would look black on a computer.

  120. Heather says

    Hi, i was hoping to try and make these for a friends baby, when i was looking at the pattern, in step 5 it says Sk 9 stitches. I was wondering if this means skip 9 sts?

  121. Crystal Smith says

    Beautiful little shoes, but I also cannot view the entire pattern due to the watermark :(

    • Bethany says

      Use a different reading app. Are you using a device to view?

  122. Trish Lovewell says

    I downloaded your pattern because they are so darn cute!
    If I wanted to sell them at our farmer’s market next summer, what do I do as far as linking back to your website?
    Do I just put your web address on my tag and say pattern by, etc?
    Thank you!

  123. says

    I was wondering what the gauge for this pattern is? I tend to crochet tighter than some so I want to be sure these turn out the right size as I make them. :)

    • Bethany says

      0-3 is about 3 1/2″, 3-6 is about 4″, and 6-9 is about 4 1/4″

  124. lea diaz says

    Thank you so much for this cute pattern. I live in SoFlo, have a son getting married soon so I know I’ll be using it to add to my collection of grandbabies. I’m at 6 now. =)

    • Bethany says

      You’re welcome! Congrats :) My mom is at 3, with one on the way (my second), so fun!

  125. Lauren says

    These are fantastic; maybe I am missing it, but I’d there a pattern for the sole anywhere? All I can see in the flip flop pattern is what you do to make it into to a flip flop. Thanks!

  126. Meg says

    For those having watermark problems on your phone, tap the page view icon in your document reader after opening. I have quick office and that solves it for me! Thank you for the cute pattern!

  127. Val McCarthy says

    Hi there I was looking for a link to your website to see if I could order a couple of your shoes . A pr of sandals and a pr of shoes for an 18 month old. Your stuff is truly amazing!!

  128. christy says

    Do you have this pattern with knitting instructions by chance? I learned to knit but havent crossed over to crochet yet. The patterns are simply addorable!

    • Bethany says

      I wish! I don’t know how to knit :( I am hoping to find the time to pick it up this fall, though! I LOVE the look of a knitted sweater or scarf.

    • Bethany says

      Click on the link below the last photo, the writing is in pink.

      • Johnnie says

        When I open the link I can’t see anything but your logo? Help I really want to try these.

        • Bethany says

          Use a different reading app. Are you using a device to view?

  129. Leanna Lee says

    Is it possible to buy the actual flip flops or just the pattern? I would love (if you have the time and colors) to buy a pair of orange and blue pair for a 9 month old!

  130. Rene says

    I find your patterns so cute and would love to crochet them, but I have found that the downloaded versions have a blog black box in the middle and cute off part of the pattern. I have it on my kindle fire and am wondering if there is anyway of fixing the problem

    • Bethany says

      Other readers are saying if they use a different reader it works. A reader is like an app, you can use a different one instead to view the .pdf.

      • Crystal Smith says

        Glad I decided to read all the comments :) I emailed it to myself and opened it in quick office and the water mark is totally different. Thanks :)

  131. Brooke says

    I really love your pattern. I’m work if on the 3-6 month size and I’m having difficulty with direction #6. Am I somehow meant to attach the back strap to the heal as I sc? I may be a bit dim but this part is really throwing me off.

    • Bethany says

      Thanks! No you are just working sc in each st, the sc and chain sts you have already made. Did you look at the photos?

      • Brooke says

        I did look at the photos and the heel and strap look attached to each other. I’ll try again. Thanks.

        • Bethany says

          You’re right, it does kinda look like it’s attached. But it’s just sitting on it. The strap is separate so you can pull it over the heel and keep the shoe on baby’s foot. Let me know if you have more questions!

  132. says

    so adorable, I’m going to give it a shot~ mostly I do blankets so this will be a stretch! :)

  133. janey says

    These are just too cute! My niece would like a pair in the same colors as your toe picture, but i don’t see gray yarn under the caron simply soft.

    Can you tell me which colors and kind of yarn you used for that pink/gray combination?

    Thanks! Can’t wait to start making these!

    • Bethany says

      That is strange that the gray isn’t there! I will see if I can track it down for you.

      • janey says

        Is it the gray heather and strawberry? Found more caron simply soft yarn on Google. :)

  134. Patty says

    Just gave pattern to my crafty girl…I can’t wait to see these on my granddaughters feet!!!

    • Bethany says

      Wonderful! I bet they will be adorable on her :)

    • Bethany says

      You are welcome! And thanks so much, I am glad you like them :)

  135. Tambra says

    Those sandals are so adorable, I wanted to thank you for sharing this. My mom is great at making things like that. I am sharing this information with her because I have a four year old daughter that my mom wants to make a pair for. And when she is finished with making them, I’ll send you a picture. Thank you again.

      • Tina says

        Hi Bethany. I just had my first grandchild July 2nd. My son really loves the pink and grey flip flops. I would like to make them, but I do not know how to crochet. I saw your pattern, but I was curious if you do tutiorals so I could follow along?

  136. mattie hampton says

    i tried to download the pattern and something DOC something keeps coming up and i cant get it to do anything. where do i go to just get the pattern? thank you it is very adorable

    • Bethany says

      I’m not sure what you mean, something other than the pattern comes up when you click the pattern link?

  137. Candice Beatty says

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have a baby girl and would love to have a few pair for her. However, my talents don’t fall into this category but my mom loves this kind of stuff. So I sent her your link. Thanks again.

  138. Kate says

    I would love these for toddler sized, also the bitty bow sandals.

    • Bethany says

      Maybe someday I will convert them to toddler sizes! Does your toddler like to wear slippers? My 2 yr old won’t wear anything I make, haha!

      • Destini says

        I found that using a larger hook you can make toddler size. Hope that helps.

  139. Stephanie says

    I love these! I would like to purchase a pair if possible?

    • Bethany says

      If you are interested, send me an email with size/color, and I can set up a custom listing for you on Etsy.

      • sarah says

        Bethany I would like to purchase some from you as well. Do you have the colors that are in the picture with the Grey and pink? My friend just had a baby last week so something that would fit her for this summer.

        • Bethany says

          Wow! I am having lots of people want a pair of these! I am working on a listing, and you can go buy a pair whenever you are ready.

  140. Sheri says

    I already have one flip flop made! So, so cute and fun to make!

    Just a couple of things…..the pattern for the 0-3 months, step #3 does not include the finished instructions as the other sizes do, “Sl st and tie off”. Not too much of a big deal, but I didn’t find this until I read the other sizes.

    Also, on this step, I am having difficulty with tying off after the 7 sc in the 7 sts. Any way that I try, it doesn’t appear to blend in ….. it still looks like Iittle lump on the side of the sole. Can you give some detail on how and in what stitch to you do the sl in?

    Do you have a picture of what the bottom of your flip flop looks like?


    • Bethany says

      Hi Sheri,

      Are you talking about the finished the sole piece? I sl st into the next st and it blends nicely for me. Is that what you mean?

      • Sheri says

        Hi Bethany! Yes, the finished sole. I was just curious to see if mine looks the same as yours.

        When I sl st and tie off after the sc in the 7 sts (step #3), I have a little hump on the side. I don’t seem to be able to get this to blend smoothly as if not even there. I will have to try again

        It’s a great pattern and definitely a cute little flip flop!

        • Bethany says

          Hm. It should look smooth. Why don’t you take a quick picture and send it to me, maybe I can see what the problem is.

      • Sheri says

        Yes, I was just curious to see if the bottom sole looks the same as mine.

        When I sl st after the sc in the last 7 sts (step #3), I get a little hump on the side. It’s just not blending like yours does. I will have to fiddle again.

        It’s definitely a great pattern and cute little flip flop! Thanks for sharing!

      • Sheri says

        Sorry for the duplication….my PC was not cooperating.

  141. Destini says

    I downloaded your pattern to make some of these and the pictures cover the instructions is there a way I can post a picture on here of what I see. I downloaded it to my phone. Using Kindle reader to view. And my phone is a Samsung note 3. Thank you for the free pattern though. I will see if it might change if I open it in a different reader.

    • Destini says

      OK it shows up fine in my other viewer. In the Kindle reader your logo is all black with the Grey parts showing white. So I would say for everyone else that is having the issue with it blocking the words. Try open ending it in a different reader and that should solve your problem!

      • Rene says

        I am having the same problem. I have downloaded them onto my kindle fire, when you say open in a different reader, what does that mean

  142. says

    I am posting your picture on my blog this Tuesday, with a link over to you. I hope you don’t mind me doing so. Please contact me before then if you would NOT like me to share. My readership likes crafty stuff, so I thought it would interest them. Thank you so much, the flip flops are just super adorable!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! Yes, that is fine :) Thanks for the link love!

  143. Iris says

    I cant see any of the patterns, I want to learn how to crochet need help, this is so beautiful the best way to learn.

    • Bethany says

      Each pattern page has a link to the pattern. The link is in pink, under the last photo.

  144. says

    Hi Bethany, your ideas are so great, thanks for sharing. I cant seem to find the pattern for the baby flip flop sandals, can you help???

    • Bethany says

      Right on this page. Under the last photo(purple and gray), where it says “Click here for the free pattern – Baby Strap Flip-Flops”. The link is in pink.

      • Aurora says

        Same link I tried earlier, but Thanks, I got it now

  145. says

    These are absolutely adorable. I like all of your patterns. I want to see if I can adjust them to make them for my grand daughters American Girl doll. If I do, I will let you know,

    • Bethany says

      Thanks so much Bev! I bet they would love that :)

  146. katherine says

    How do I increase to make a larger size. My grand daughter is 6 months old therefor I would like to make a 6 to 9 month shoe. These are precious and I know my daughter would love all your shoe patterns. Also ad one who loves to crochet I started my own eyes shop but had no luck. Didn’t sell a single item. What is your secret. How do you advertise. I make things on a made to order basis right now but I would love to sell more. Thanks for any advise you could give me.

    • Bethany says

      The pattern already includes a 6-9 month size. And I don’t sell much either! I think it just takes time, the market is rather saturated, unfortunately. You can market locally, and set up a Facebook page, but I don’t have much advice in that arena. Happy crocheting!

    • katherine higgins says

      I mentioned I want to make a 6 to 9 month shoe and you said that it was already included. Where is it because I can’t see anything that says 6 to 9 month. In fact I don’t think I see the entire pattern.

  147. Annette says

    does anyone know what’s i can buy some of these?

    • Bethany says

      If you want some, I can make you a custom listing in my Etsy shop. Let me know.

      • Crystal says

        I’ve tried your Etsy shop listing but it says the item is sold. How much do you sell these for?

        • Bethany says

          yes! They sold out incredibly fast. I will reopen the listing next week when I catch up with my orders. Check back on Monday, so sorry!

  148. mel says

    When I downloaded there are pictures covering the pattern. I am using my phone so I’m not sure if that is the problem. Thanks for the inspiration. Your designs are ridiculously cute.

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! I have downloaded on my phone to check it, and the watermark does not interfere with the pattern (it is light grey). Sorry you are having problems, it might be your phone. Unfortunately, the watermark is necessary.

      • Jackie says

        I am having the same problem with my kindle fire. Is there a fix for this?

        • Bethany says

          No, sorry! The watermark does not interfere when I am looking at it from my computer or my phone, so it might be your device settings.

        • Bethany says

          I’m sorry, everything appears fine on my end. What device are you trying to view it with?

          • Paige says

            Same issue here using a blackberry

  149. Molly says

    Super cute!! How would you change this for 12 months? I’d like to make them for my granddaughter but she’s almost a year. I tried to figure out the changes but couldn’t. I didn’t see a clear pattern as the sizes changed.

    • Bethany says

      You would need to make them longer, so maybe make the foundation chain 2 sts longer. Then, you would need to make each round 4 sts more (2 sts for each side). It would be a bit of trial and error, but definitely doable. Or, you could just use a bit bulkier yarn, go up a hook size and work the 6-9 month size. Good luck, thanks for visiting :)

  150. Pat says

    The picture shows the slip stitches all around the sole however I am not seeing in the 0-3 month pattern where you use the contrasting color to do the slip stitches. I read that you use the first color for the slip stitches and then fasten off and continue. Can you clarify this for me?? Thank You.

  151. Sharon says

    Hi Bethany:

    I just wanted to say that you are so talented. I do not know how to crochet but I wish I did. These are adorable.

    Have a great day.

    • Bethany says

      Thank you for your sweet comment! I wish you would give it a try :) It is a wonderful hobby (I think anyway!). Have a great weekend!

    • Patricia Geving says

      Hi, I would like to try and make these too. I do not crochet, so can you please tell me what each of the codes stand for, like sc, hdc, sts, sl sts, ….. Sorry I’ve never done this.
      Thanks, Pat

      • Bethany says

        Hi Pat, I would not recommend these shoes as a first-time project. But if you are set on making these, here are the codes:
        sc: single crochet
        hdc: half double crochet
        sts: stitches
        sl st: slip stitch
        dc: double crochet

        Good luck!

  152. Lori says

    I was wondering if you have video for making this sandal thanks so much

  153. Vickie says

    These are adorably precious! I had three boys, so never had occasion to make cute, girly things. My daughter-in-law’s aunt is expecting twins, boy and girl, so this will definitely be one of the gifts I will be making, probably with a tiny bow or flower for the girl. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful patterns!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you! I am a bit excited to be having a girl (we just found out that our little bun-in-the-oven is a girl). Congratulations on the baby twins! That will be so fun, AND fun to make things, too! Thanks for visiting :)

  154. Doris Donovan says

    I am going to learn how to crochet just so I can make these adorable flip flops.

    • Bethany says

      Haha! You should! I love to crochet, it’s so much fun :) Thanks!

        • Bethany says

          I can make you a listing in my etsy shop. Let me know if you are serious about a pair and I will set up the listing and send you a link. $23 including shipping.

  155. Allison says

    Your patterns are awesome! This is a sweet pattern I’m making it now

      • Allison says

        can I make one small suggestion?
        making two soles for one sandal is a great idea because it gives a neat and tidy hiding spot for weaving in the ends :o)

        • Bethany says

          My other sandals are double-soled, but since this one doesn’t tie around the ankle like my other ones, they stay on baby’s feet better with one layer. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

      • Michele leone says

        I don’t know how to crochet but I love these. I wish I could buy a pair for my baby.

        • Bethany says

          Thank so much! You could learn :) I feel like if I can do it, anyone can!

  156. Melinda says

    I love this pattern and thank you for sharing it! I plan to make a ton of these for my little girlie on the way. However, I struggled with the toe piece – Direction number 4. I was able to do the first part – on size 6-9 months to chain 8. But then I am not sure where I should be Skipping stitches or or single crocheting in before chaining another 18? Where is this referring to? Because from what I can see I should not attach to the toe part until the end when doing the construction steps. Can you help me at all with this?

    Thank you so much!!!

    • Bethany says

      Thanks and you’re welcome!. So for the body, you will be crocheting through the slip stitches you made. So if you look at the gray ones, I made the soles in gray, and then I sl stitched around the whole sole with purple. From here, you will be joining a second piece of yarn, and working through the sl sts. So you join through the sl st at the 8th st to the right of the heel, then you sc 2 through the sl st, working your way around the shoe. The back strap is not connected to the sole, it is a strap across the heel, so you will sk 10 sl sts, and then sc in the next sl st, thus making the strap around the heel. Same thing for the toe piece. It won’t be connected yet, but work your chains (just like the heel), and attach them where you begun, it will just loop around and not look like much, but when you connect it after the shoe is finished, it will look like a flip-flop. Does that make sense?

      • Lori says

        Even with your explanation I am still confused after row 4 as well. Is there a way to post video of what you mean and show the details? Or email it to me?

        • Bethany says

          Hm. I might be able to do pictures. What exactly are you confused on? The sl st around the edge?

          • katelynn says

            Hello. Me too. I’m stuck at that row too. Pls help. I so excited to finish it.

          • Bethany says

            Hi, what is your specific problem? did you work the row of sl sts? After that, you will be working only in the sl sts for the rest of the shoe.

          • Jamie says

            I’m kinda struggling with number 4 too!!! Step by step (kinda) pictures would help me immensely !! I learn as I see… I’m struggling from where to join the second color.. Sorry, I am still learning :) it’s been a wonderful pattern this far!!! I also was wondering if you did the sl st around the sole in a different color (so basically did you start #4 with your new color?? Thanks for the help!!!!
            Jamie. :)

          • Bethany says

            For the sl st, you can join anywhere. After you have worked your row of sl sts and tied off the yarn, find the center of the heel (I like to lay my hook so it lies across the line in the middle of the sole) and find the middle sl st. Then, found 8 sl st to the right and join there. Yes, you are sl st around the sole in your second color. I will try to get pics up soon.

      • Melinda says

        Thank you! I followed it much better when you explained it here and it worked! YAY!


    • Jan says

      Thank you for the adorable pattern too! Sadly, I am having the same confusion issues as a few others on step 4-5. Additional pictures and explanation would be greatly appreciated – you tube video would be really good, as we could pause and replay at will…. Thank you.

          • Jan says

            Oh Bethany, I see where I went wrong now….I committed the first sin in reading a pattern….I did not read it through to the end….I kept trying to attach the chain in Round 5 to the center of the sandal (to make the toe piece connection). I sincerely apologize for my ignorance, and appreciate your prompt, and more detailed instructions with photos! Thank you so much!

          • Bethany says

            You are welcome! I am glad you were able to finish them :)

  157. Leanne says

    These are the best I have seen of any sandal / flip flops!!! You did an amazing job!! Oh and just so you know when I downloaded in your watermark is there but it does not interfere with reading the pattern at all!! I have not printed it but does look light gray on download. It is just fine! You did a great job!! Thank you for sharing with us!!

    • Bethany says

      Thank you leanne!!! I am so glad it worked for you, thank you for telling me :) Happy crocheting!

  158. mrs vee makes says

    Your watermark is blocking the directions. I was unable to print it. Will this appear when I do?

    • Bethany says

      I am not sure, I have never printed one of my patterns. Unfortunately, I have had serious issues with people stealing my patterns, selling them as their own or other types of theft, so I have to take every measure I can.

    • Bethany says

      There might be a problem with your screen settings, the contrast should be low. The watermark should appear to be light gray. I have double checked, it should not be black.

  159. Ashleigh says

    I love these! Every time I have downloaded the pattern there’s a big black whistle & ivy logo blocking half of the pattern on every page. I want to make my little girl some so bad but I can’t read all of the pattern.

    • Bethany says

      There might be a problem with your screen settings, the contrast should be low. The watermark should appear to be light gray. I have double checked, it isn’t black. I have had serious issues with theft of my patterns,(which is so annoying since I give them away for FREE) the watermark is absolutely necessary :(

      • Sheri says

        I’m not having the “watermark” problem when I view or print the pattern. So, it’s not an issue with the posted pattern.

  160. Catherine says

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your pattern. I have a cousin who is having a baby girl so I have someone to make them for!

    • Bethany says

      Thanks! And you are welcome :) Happy crocheting!

  161. denise says

    I have been looking for a pattern just like these . I am going to try to crochet a pair. They are PERFECT and soon precious…they will be for my little great nice . Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous pattern. !!!!!!

    • Bethany says

      You are welcome! So glad to help you find the perfect shoes :) Happy crocheting!

  162. Jan Harrison says

    I’ve seen a TON of baby flip flop patterns and I have to say this pattern is one of the absolute cutest out there!!! I LOVE EM! :) Ty for sharing ur awesomeness with the rest of us lol

    • Bethany says

      Thank you so much!! And you are very welcome :) Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment!

  163. says

    Oh my goodness! How cute are those tiny painted piggies! Makes me wish I knew someone who was having a baby. So precious!

    • Bethany says

      I know, I agree! It’s so hard to photography babies, haha! But the end result is worth it :)

      • Aurora says

        I tried to download the pattern but viper is blocking it. Id love to have a copy.

        • Bethany says

          I am not sure what viper is. If it’s some kind of spam/virus software, you will have to disable it. Otherwise, I am not sure. It’s just a .pdf.

  164. says

    Thanks a lot for sharing this adorable pattern! My baby girl will be born in October but I saw you also included different sizes! How great :)
    Totally making a pair of these! :)


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