Thanks for visiting Whistle and Ivy! I hope you find something you love here! 

Almost ALL of the crochet patterns I post here are F-R-E-E. Free!
However, this means that I don’t pay testers to test my patterns. ALL of my free patterns are USER TESTED. 

This does not mean that I don’t work very, very hard designing my patterns. I spend lots of time working them, tweaking them, rewording them and trying to make them error-free for you. 
But because they are not tested by outside sources, it’s possible that a mistake, typo or error may slip through. 
Please, please be kind if you find a mistake. I read every single comment and reply to almost all of them, and if you are struggling or feel you found a mistake, please let me know and I will address it.

If you are going to work one of my FREE patterns, you need to agree to be one of my testers! This means you are agreeing to be nice if you ever find an error. 
I hope you enjoy working the patterns you find here!