When I became hooked on crochet  (pun intended) I also got hooked on the feeling of accomplishment, pride and self-worth that comes from creating and making (and gifting).

It started with the very first tiny loafers I made my newborn son almost 8 years ago, and I knew I wanted every crocheter in the world to feel the same feeling.

Crochet was my heart and soul. Now, my heart and soul are also in the crochet community who is bound together by our common love. We don't have to be physical near each other to be connected by yarn, by what crochet does for our physical and mental health.

THE WORLD may think that crochet is only for "old ladies" but it's not just for the older generation (whom we thank for bringing it to us!) Crochet is for everyone who wants to make and create. 

Modernizing crochet with chic, on-trend designs has been my goal since day one.

Wear, show off and GIVE your handmade treasures. Your creative gifts are priceless, and you can make a difference right where you are standing. Share your crochet. Show them what it means to be a creative, a maker, a doer, a crocheter.