Reversible Baby Skirt

I actually shared this tutorial about a year ago, but I had to redo it. The photos were absolutely terrible, and I couldn’t stand to see them!  But don’t let the “reversible” scare you off, this skirt is so easy.

This is my go-to baby gift for baby girls. The new mama gets two skirts for the sewing work of one!

What you need:
2 corresponding fat quarters
Basic sewing supplies
1 pkg extra-wide double-fold bias tape
About 13” of 3/4”  Elastic
Measuring tape
Fabric pencil
Large safety pin

First, hop over to Dana Made It, and grab her pattern for a simple baby circle skirt. So awesome of her to share it with us for free!

Then, fold both your fat quarters in half twice to make a square. Line up the fold corners, and put the inside rounded edge of the pattern in the corner. (cut both of your fabric pieces at the same time) Cut about 2 inches out from the pattern’s outside edge to make the skirt longer.

 photo reversiblebabyskirtcutfabricWM_zps748776e7.jpg

Next, unfold your fabric and pin around the inside, right sides together.

 photo reversiblebabypinnedinsideWM_zps43809e36.jpg

Sew where you pinned and turn your skirt inside-out. To do this, push one side of the skirt through the hole, and iron around the hole to make a nice crease. Using a measuring tape and a fabric pencil, make a few marks around the hole about 3/4″ from the edge to use as a guide.

 photo reversiblebabyskirtsewninsidecircleturnedrightsideout_zps1d5dab2e.jpg

Sew around the edge, but leave a 2″ opening so you can put the elastic in the waist.

 photo reversiblebabyskirtsewaroundcircleleavespace_zpsae9c8718.jpg

Put a safety pin at the top of your elastic and push in through the opening, between your two pieces of fabric, until it comes back out. Sew the ends of your elastic together with a zig-zag. Go back and forth to make sure it’s secure. Then, sew across the 2″ opening in the skirt.

 photo reverisblebabyskirtsewnelastic_zps24c54699.jpg

To finishe the edge, pin your bias tape on the edge ( be careful to catch both pieces of fabric) and sew it in place.

 photo reversiblebabyskirtbiastapeedge_zps067f4002.jpg


What did I tell you? so, sew easy! I just wish I had a baby girl to put this on :)

Happy sewing!

I love comments :) Thanks so much for taking the time, it means a lot!


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