Whistle and Ivy: DIY Tin Foil Lollipop Molds

Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY Tin Foil Lollipop Molds

Since I am sharing my Kool-Aid Lollies Recipe with you, and they really only work with molds, I also wanted to share a way to make molds yourself with tin foil. They are pretty easy and work really well with any hard candy recipe.

Make your own lollipop molds with foil tutorial

First, cut a strip of tin foil a few inches wide.

Then, fold your strip lengthwise three times, until you have a sturdier, more narrow strip. 

Find something to use to mold your strip. I found a bottle of acrylic paint to be the perfect size. 
Fold your strip in half and wrap around your bottle. Pinch it tight, leaving room to insert your stick. 

Now,  to hold your lollipop stick in place, take another strip of tin foil and fold it lengthwise a few times and set it aside. 

Take  your stick, put it in your mold and pinch it in place. Next, wrap your second strip around it until the stick holds firmly.  

Fill with chocolate or any hard candy recipe. I recommend my Kool-Aid Lollies recipe

Tip: Make sure your molds are flush with the pan they are sitting on. If not, the candy will run out. It's hard to get it exact, so if it does run out, let it harden for a few seconds;  then take the flat edge of a butter knife and press down on the mold. You can refill your molds, if necessary.

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