This cozy trapper hat for women is the first free crochet pattern in a week-long crochet plaid series. This hat is so cozy and is made with 2 strands of yarn, so it’s thick and warm. You will love wearing your crochet plaid trapper hat all season long!

FREE Crochet Pattern: Women's Crochet Plaid Trapper Hat | This cozy buffalo plaid hat is worked with two strands so it's very warm and cozy!

Welcome back to Plaid Week! This is the final pattern this week, the Women’s Crochet Plaid Trapper Hat.  I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your encouragement, your kind and sweet comments and especially for your visits to my blog. It has made plaid week an enormous success! I have already gotten many requests for other plaid items, as well as other sizes in many of the patterns, so stay tuned for more plaid after this week! I also have several more ideas that I would like to make in plaid. I hope you aren’t sick of crochet plaid by the time I am done (if I am ever done, the things I can do in plaid are practically limitless)! 
FREE Crochet Pattern: Women's Crochet Plaid Trapper Hat | This cozy buffalo plaid hat is worked with two strands so it's very warm and cozy!


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What you need: (affiliate links)

Abbreviations: American Terms
(Click for video)
Ch – Chain
St – Stitch
Sc – Single Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Dc2tog – Double Crochet Decrease
Sk – Skip
Sl st – Slip Stitch

Gauge: 8 sts = 3”

Note: This hat is worked with 2 strands of Medium Weight Yarn. It is easiest to work with two skeins at once. 

It includes all 13 plaid patterns!



Begin with a magic ring. Ch does not count as stitch. 
1. Sc 8 in the ring. Join with sl st. 
2. Ch 1. 2 Hdc in same st. 2 hdc in each st around. (16 sts). Join with a sl st. 
3. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. 2 hdc in next st. *Hdc. 2 hdc in next st* work 7 times. (24 sts) Join with sl st. 
4. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc. 2 hdc in next st. *Hdc 2. 2 hdc in next st* work 7 times. (32 sts). Join with sl st. 
5. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 2. 2 hdc in next st. *Hdc 3. 2 hdc in next st* work 7 times. (40 sts). Join with sl st. 
6. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 3. 2 hdc in next st. *Hdc 4. 2 hdc in next st* work 7 times. (48 sts). Join with sl st. 
7. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 4. 2 hdc in next st. *Hdc 5. 2 hdc in next st*. work 7 times. (56 sts). Join with sl st. 
8. – 15. Ch 1. Hdc in same st. Hdc 55. (56 sts) Join with sl st.

Front flap: 

Lay hat flat with seam at the back, and presented upside down. Count 3 sts in from the side and start there. Work from the outside. 
1. Start with black. Ch 2. Work 7 sets of plaid st (21 total sts) alternating black and wine. Finish last st with wine. Turn. 
2. – 4. Ch 2. Work plaid st all the way across. Be sure to carry both unused strands across. (21 sts)
5. Ch 2. Dc in same st. ch 1. sk 1 st. Dc in next st (switch colors). Work 5 sets of the Plaid Stitch.(switch colors). Dc. Ch 1. Sk 1 st. Dc in last st. Tie off. (21 sts)

Back Flap: 
Start is the st just left of the flap, with hat oriented upside down.
1. Start with black. Ch 1. Dc in same st. Continue with black (4 dc in a row) and work 11 sets of the Plaid Stitch, alternating with wine. Dc in last st with black. Turn. (35 sts)
2. (Still using black) Ch 2. Dc in same st(change color). Work 11 sets of the Plaid Stitch. Dc in last st with black. Turn. 
3. (Still using black) Ch 3. Tc 3 (switch color). Tc 3 (switch color). Tc. Dc 2 (switch color). Work 5 sets of the Plaid Stitch using hdc sts. Switch color, Dc. Tc. Tc (switch color). Tc 3 (switch color). Tc 4. Turn. 
4. (Still using black). Ch 2. Dc2tog. Dc 5. Hdc. Sc 19. Hdc. Dc 5. Dc2tog. 
Tie off. 

Still using two strands of yarn, (using black) sc all around the hat, going all around the edges of both flaps, and working in the two worked sts in between them on the hat. Work 3 sc sts in the corners of the front flap band back flap. 
Tie off. 

Make a large pom-pom for the top using this tutorial or Pom Pom maker. You can also make your own fur pom pom using this tutorial

Make the tassels by cutting 6 lengths of yarn about a yard long. Hold them in a bunch with their ends lined up, and pull all 6 through the bottom of the back flap using your hook, letting 12 strands hang down. Braid the strands together and tie a knot. Trim the ends even. Repeat for the other side. 

Sew chunky buttons on the hat, corresponding with the button holes. 



FREE Crochet Pattern: Women's Crochet Plaid Trapper Hat | This cozy buffalo plaid hat is worked with two strands so it's very warm and cozy!


FREE Crochet Pattern: Women's Crochet Plaid Trapper Hat | This cozy buffalo plaid hat is worked with two strands so it's very warm and cozy!


I truly hope  you enjoyed Plaid Week! I had so much fun designing them for you.  I will try to get to as many of your request as I possibly can :)

Have a wonderful finish to your weekend, friends!


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  1. Hi Bethany
    I started to make this hat but it is way too small. The directions are the same for the child’s hat except for using 2 strands or bulky yarn. Is this a misprint? i made these hats for my twin great grandsons and they were a big hit. I would like to make them for their parents. I love the plaid.

  2. I mistakenly worked this project with only a single strand of yarn, and as you said, it came out too small. My concern is to work it fully, double stranded, I’d essentially be managing 6 balls of yarn at once to work the plaid.

    Would it be possible to work this pattern with a bulky yarn rather than a worsted, since most bulky are essentially the width of 2 worsted strands, and achieve the same result?

  3. I want to make this hat for my 7 yr old grandson. I’m afraid the adult size may be too big but toddler not big enough. Do you think if I followed the adult pattern but only with one strand would it come out a little smaller? What are your suggestions?

    1. I think that would be too small, but you could give it a try! I have been meaning to do a child’s size of this hat and you reminded me. I am starting my fall designing in a few weeks so this will definitely be on my list. What I would do is work an extra round of increases. Measure the circumference (3.14 x diameter), you want it to be about 17″ – 18″. Adjust the number so you have multiples of 6. Then work the rest of the hat accordingly, adjusting the length of the front and back flaps. If all else fails, you can work the adult pattern with a #5 yarn (less bulky than 2 strands, but bulkier than one strand) and a smaller hook.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply! I am going to try and increase rounds and thanks for the info on the circumference. I have made the toddler size and 6-12 month size (in pink and purple plaid for my granddaughter) and both have turned out so cute! Thank you for this pattern!

  4. I’m going to be making a set of 4 for my husband, myself and my 2 daughters and also a mommy and baby set for a baby shower gift. I’d like to order the yarn you used but want to make sure I get enough. You don’t have yardage listed but the knit picks site sells this in skeins of 218 yards each. Are you able to give me an idea of how many skeins I’d need to make 3 adults, 2 baby and 1 toddler? Or if you can even just estimate how much yardage it takes per size? Thanks so much – I LOVE all of your patterns!

    1. Well, I will tell you this: I chose a communication major in college because I am hopelessly terribly at math. You will be working with 2 skeins at once for the adult, and I believe you will be able to get 2 hats out of two skeins. The baby used maybe a 1/4 skein, and toddler maybe 1/2 a skein.

  5. Hi! I love your pattern, thank you so much. Making one for my daughter who absolutely loved it. <3 I have one question. When working the plaid, are you also using two strands together?

    Thank you in advance.

    Happy New Year!


  6. I made the trapper hat in a 6/12M size and it turned out super cute!! I used worsted weight yarn and now I want to make his dad one in an adult size. I see on the adult size pattern it calls for 2 skeins worked together. Any reason for this? I just bought more yarn to make it for him but I didn’t buy bulky weight yarn 😣 Any reason why I can’t just use worsted weight??

    1. You CAN use worsted weight! That is what is listed in the materials list. I used 2 together because I like the chunky and thick finished hat.

      1. Thank you so much for your quick response! I absolutely love your patterns and I’m so glad to have found your page!!

  7. I love all your plaid patterns! Will you have a men’s size in the trapper hat? I want to make the trapper hats for my niece’s whole family.

    1. Thank you! This hat is really more of an adult pattern. It fits my husband! If you are worried, you can work an extra row or two on the hat part and make the rest according to the pattern.

  8. Is he “Tc” in the pattern a triple crochet? It’s not listed in your stitch abbreviations. Thank you for sharing the patterns, they’re gorgeous!

  9. I have enjoyed all of your plaid patterns this week. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future plaid projects. I can never get enough plaid.

  10. Thanks for all you’re beautiful plaid patterns. Because of your plaid stitch video tutorial, I feel confident I can make a plaid afghan/throw. Please keep your plaid patterns coming. I would love to see a plaid in creams and brown colors.

  11. Hi, Bethany
    Thank you so much for the plaid patterns. I’ve always loved plaid but wasn’t sure how to work a pattern for it, now I do.
    By-the-way, you look really cute in the trapper’s hat!

    1. You’re welcome! And thank you! I really hate being in front of the camera (ahh!) my husband was so sweet and got me to smile naturally, so we had a few turn out ;)

  12. Please, post more plaid patterns they are all so cute I would love to see more…I really would love to see a scarf and leg warmers pattern…placemats as well….