So glad you're here!


At Whistle & Ivy, we believe that "making" is in our being, and crochet connects us with the part that wants to create something. We are a community of makers, artists, and creatives with an innate passion for crocheting for craft, for business, or simply to just make someone smile!

Whistle & Ivy began almost a decade ago when owner, Bethany Dearden, began her crochet journey with a tiny pair of loafers that soon evolved into a modern crochet community. On this platform, you will find tons of chic patterns and stitches, inspiration for your next project, and much, much more.

We believe you should wear, show off and GIVE your handmade treasures. Your creative gifts are priceless, and you can make a difference right where you are standing. Share your crochet. Show them what it means to be a creative, a maker, a doer, a crocheter