Hello friend! I am ashamed to admit how long I have been working on this Head to Toes ebook, so I don’t think I will. I will say that it’s been quite some time and I am very happy that it is finally finished. For the past few years I have been receiving lots of requests for teeny tiny newborn sizes for all my shoes. My 0-3 month sizing is quite small, but it won’t fit brand-new baby feet, so the book includes a new smaller sizing.

Those finished shoes are so SO cute!


So if you have been on the fence about buying a couple PDFs for my patterns, now is the time to snag them up for pennies per pattern. 

Here is what the book includes: 

Baby Boat Booties
Little Dot Mary Janes
Two-Toned Little Dot Mary Janes
Monk Strap Booties
Button Gladiator Sandals
Bitty Bow Sandals
Strap Flip Flops
Baby Bubble Boots
Moccasin Boots
Simple Newborn Booties
Baby Hooded Cowl
Button Trapper Hat
Faux Ribbon Baby Hat
Vertical Stripe Beanie

The book also includes my Boardwalk Slip-ons!

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I hope you enjoy this book! Thanks so much for your support!



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  1. I received the newsletter that you got into having fun and didn’t get the newsletter out that sunday, so you were giving us one of your patterns in raverly. I went there, I had a tuff time deciding between 2. but when I went to, buy, and checkout. I entered the code but it wanted either my paypal acct or a credit card info. I thought it would of just let me go download it without any of that, since you said it was free?

    1. You may be been trying to download one of my ebooks or multi-pattern ebooks, the code is good for one of my single-pattern PDFs. I hope you find something you like!