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Okay guys, let me drop a game changer on you: outdoor yarn. About two weeks ago Bernat let me in on a little secret and sent me a few balls of their NEW outdoor yarn, Bernat Maker Outdoor. It’s mold resistant and won’t fade in the sun. How cool is this?! I immediately got going on a project that, unfortunately, ended in total failure. However, I got a new, cuter idea to make crochet bike basket bunting and it turned out so adorable!

crochet bike bunting made with outdoor yarn

This outdoor yarn also has a good amount of stretch, so I am thinking it might make a really comfortable pair of sandals or slippers. Hmm…
I am also planning on adding a few bits of decor to our backyard so I have a few more ideas coming down the pipe. Having yarn that is fade resistant opens up a whole world of possibilities!

outdoor yarn crochet bunting for bicycle

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What you need: 
 J Hook
Bernat Outdoor Yarn 
Darning Needle
Blocking Board 
– Bike Basket

Abbreviations: US Terms
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – Double Crochet
Hdc – Half Double Crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch
St – stitch
BLO – Back Loops Only

Gauge:  (Gauge Pattern)

Crochet Bunting Triangle: (make 5)

Magic Ring
1. Dc 12 into ring. Join. (12 sts)
2. Ch 2. *Dc in next 3 sts. [2 dc. ch 1. 2 dc] in next st.* work 2 times. Dc in next 3 sts. [3 Tr. Ch 1. 3 Tr] in next st. Join with first st. (27 sts)
3. Ch 1. Sc in next 5 sts. *[2 sc. ch 2. 2 sc] in ch space. Sc in next 7 sts.* work 2 times. [2 sc. ch 2. 2 sc] in ch space. Sc in next 3 sts. (40 sts)
Tie off, weave in ends.

Before constructing the bunting, I highly recommend blocking your triangles so they lay flat. You can spritz with a bit of water and lay them under a heaving book (protected with a cloth or towel) overnight, OR you can use the Chetnanigans Block board, which is a handy device that I use and love.

blocking crochet bunting for bike basket made with outdoor yarn

Bike Basket Bunting Construction:

Start with a long tail. Make a chain 33 ( you can adjust this amount to fit your basket). Attach first triangle by sl st into the ch sp on the top R corner.  Sl st across the top of the triangle. When you get to the edge, ch 6. Attach next triangle. Repeat until you have attached all the triangles and the bunting is as long as you need. Finished with a ch 33.
Leave a long tail for tying.

crochet bunting for bicycle made with outdoor yarn

If you like the crochet bunting just the way it is, then you can attach it to your basket now. I think it looks cut as-is.

crochet bike bunting on basket made with outdoor yarn
If you want to add a bit extra flair, you can put tassel on a few (or all) of the bunting triangles. You can do this by cutting a few lengths of yarn and pulling them through the ends of each triangle.

how to make a tassel on bunting

Then, taking a second length and tie it around, making the lengths into a tassel.

how to add tassels to crochet bunting

Attaching the Bunting to your Basket: 

To make the bunting stay in place, you will need to tie it in the back, and tie it up in between each triangle. Using a darning or yarn needle, thread a bit of yarn and push it through the basket near the top, going from the inside of the basket to the outside. Making sure you have caught the chains of the bunting, thread the yarn back through the basket and tie a cute bow or knot on the inside.  Repeat for each space between the triangles.

crochet bunting tied to basket

Now you are ready to cruise in style!
And I am off the brainstorm some more ideas for this awesome outdoor yarn :)

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  1. Thank you for the info re: where to get the Bernat Maker Outdoor yarn, Beth. I’ll try my Joann’s store next time I’m in town! I have two sets of those little iron bistro tables and chairs and those dang chairs are horribly uncomfortable without some padding to sit on. Two iron benches as well, with the same problem! I’d love to crochet my own seat cushions/chair pads for them; it would be so much fun and I’d get exactly what I want colorwise. I’m now looking HARD for a pattern to use but haven’t been very successful. It shouldn’t be too hard though, a couple of circles with a gusset running round them or rectangles for the benches. And I think I can get waterproof pillow forms from Joann’s as well. Wish me luck!

  2. I am totally envious that you received some of the new Bernat Outdoor Yarn. I’ve been looking for it for WEEKS, ever since it came out. I want to make some new pillows for my lawn furniture seats and this yarn sounds perfect! CUTE bunting, by the way. I love your blog.

    1. Thanks Diane! Hopefully it comes near you soon. As of right now, it’s only sold at Joann craft stores and, do you have access to either of those?