1. Hi. I have a question regarding the heel of this slipper. It just seems like the decreases are pulling it in an awful lot. Someone has asked me to make a pair for them, but I’m afraid that the top edge is going to be cutting into the skin above the heel due to its shape. I had the same issue when I made the women’s size, so I did the sl sts extra loose, and they fit fine that way. I’d really like some advice on these.

    • Hi Katie! I have tested these on my own children and on my nieces and nephews. The decreases are to make them more functional so they stay on Baby’s feet. If you met the gauge, they should fit very well.

  2. Finding this very difficult to follow, might help me if your pattern included which row corresponded to which part of the shoe – e.g. is row 5 the toe or the heel?? When I start row 5 I’m just slightly off centre the heel of the sole, so I’d end up with the decrease stitches just going down the side of the shoe. Did watch the video but doesn’t help me.

  3. hi, I’m making 9-12 months
    Ch 4. Sc into 1st ch. Sl st into next st on top of shoe. Turn so you are working from the back of the small strap you just made, from the inside of the shoe.

    can you please learn me what you mean about this how i make ( sl st into next st on the shoe ) ?
    thanks ♡

  4. Hi, I’m making the 0-3 month shoes, & the little strap has me confused. On the last row (or turn) of the first strap it says “… Sk 1 st and sl st into the next st on shoe. Turn.” what does Sk mean? At first I thought it was a typo but I tried doing both a Sl & Sc but neither seemed to work. please help.

  5. The tongue part is confusing to me :| I hope you can elaborate further. It says “3-7” so I did the same instructions on row 3 all the way to row 7 but it doesnt’ look right. Mine turned out to be crooked and nowhere near how it’s supposed to look like.

  6. I will be teaching a 5th and 6th grade girls crochet class and wanted to give this as a possible project. Would it be okay to use for that? I wasn’t sure since it said I couldn’t redistribute it. Of not that’s totally fine. They are so adorable. I will be making them either way myself. Thanks for making the pattern.

  7. How much yarn do these take. I need to order some more and don’t want to be left with loads left over. Thank you

  8. Step 3 is being really difficult for me, it seems there should be 2 sc in next st* work 7 times not 5 it’s the only way I can get it to end in the right place, everything is fine up till then. Please help

  9. I don’t understand what it means to move my marker up -up one stitch? I’m just starting to crochet and have done some baby booties please explain what that means. Thank you

    • You aren’t moving it up one stitch, you are moving it up with each round. The sole is worked like a spiral, not in joined rows, so it helps you know when you have reached the end of the row, and it helps catch a possible mistake within the row. It is optional, but I *highly* recommend it.

  10. Hi there thanks so much for the cute pattern! Just a quick question when You say slip stitch to the beginning of the round do you mean into the chain one or into the first sc? Because in round 6 the only way I can work the last 8 sc is if I do the last stitch I into the slip stitch. Unless that’s right? Some other patterns I’ve done say not to work the slip stitch as a stitch. Thanks for any help you can give :) I’m such a newbie!

    • You are welcome! You are working into the first st, the ch 1 doesn’t count. Is your count for the row correct? The sl st, and the ch 1 from the previous row will look like a little corner, and you won’t be working into either of them, your last stitch should be in the last st of the previous round.

  11. Oh My these are SOO adorable!! They make me so wish I had a little one around still to make them for!! Pinning so others can enjoy this adorable design too. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Monday. Have a blessed weekend!!

  12. Thank you so much for another amazing shoe.💃 just finished making this and I added pompoms… Can’t wait to share it with you on insta 😎👌.

  13. Hi Bethany, I love this boat shoe pattern, the finished product always turns out so cute, and they actually stay on my baby’s feet really well. I do have a question: my heel always turns out a little crooked, and when I watched the video tutorial, It looks like you do your hdc2tog differently for this pattern. Does that make the difference to help keep the heel more even? Yours always look so straight and centered, and mine always draw to one side. I would love your thoughts, I want mine to look as cute as yours do! Thanks for sharing such a great pattern!!

      • Thanks for the reply and the link! I am going to go back and watch the video again. I know when I first started I was having trouble with where exactly to join for new rounds. I “thought” I figured it out, but maybe I am doing something wrong there causing it to get off center… I am brand new to crochet, your baby flip flops were actually my first project, so anything is a possibility. I love that you do the videos and especially love that you put the written instructions in them to follow along in the pattern. I will re-watch the videos and see if I can catch my mistake(s). Thanks again :)

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing the pattern of this cute shoes. Though I have problem with the straps (Round 7). I have already watched your video several times, but still the straps don’t look ok. I tried the 3-6 months pattern.
    How many stitches of the body of the shoes are used for the strap?

    • I am sorry you are having trouble! The straps take 3 sts across the body, but the written is slightly different than the video. That might be your trouble, and I apologize! I plan on reshooting this video as soon as I can.

      • Thank you for your reply. I am looking forward to see the new video. I would like to suggest to use light / bright color yarn for your video tutorials, so it makes easier to see the stitches.
        Again, thanks for providing free patterns :)

  15. Hi Bethany! I am a beginner at crocheting. I have to even watch your videos on how to do certain stitches during crocheting. My first project are these cute boat shoes. I downloaded your free pattern but couldn’t view the instructions because of your watermark logo. It’s too dark and blocked most of the instructions. I am watching your videos too but the shoes I’m making are that of a 9-12mos baby. Please help. Would appreciate it very much. Thank you!

  16. I love these little shoes! I wanted to leave a comment in the hopes that it might help someone else out.
    I am kind of new at making booties and I have had the hardest time with this pattern. I watched the video and read all the comments hoping to gain some understanding. I redid them about six times, never getting the straps to line up right. So I finally gave up and went to try the monk booties. When I was working them, I got to the round that calls for you to stitch in the back loop only. That was when I gained some understanding. I realized that I was crocheting inside out. I guess that since the yarn naturally curled in as I was crocheting, I assumed that was the way the shoes were. When I realized that the right side of the sole was actually going to be the outer bottom of the shoe then the pattern worked out just great. I finished the monk booties and also these boat booties in about three hours tonight.
    I may well be the only person that doesn’t know this, but I thought I’d share just in case. I was watching your videos and I felt like I was looking in the mirror, but I couldn’t figure out why that was. Now, I know.
    Anyway, thanks for the beautiful patterns. I just love all of them!

    • You’re so welcome! That’s funny, I actually did the same thing when I made my first pair several years ago, before I started designing. I so am glad you got it worked out :)

  17. Hi Bethany!!!
    I adore this pattern of yours!! But it is just not working when i tried to make one. I’ve been redoing the sole for a toddler size 6 over and over but the stitches just don’t add up (the stitch just don’t meet at st marker at Row 5). I’m a little confused by Step 4 & 5. If you do (Sc2.Sc2innextst)3times into (sc 1. Sc 2 in next st) 3 times, logically you will have extra of 3 stitches. Same goes with the (Sc2.Sc2innextst)5times. Do you get what i mean? I’ve watched your video over and over but I still can’t seem to find the problem. I really want to get this right cause i’m giving it to my little nephew who’s turning 1 soon.

    • Thank you! Yes, you will have extra stitches, the toe and heel increase. That is why you work 2 singles in row 4, and only 1 single in row 3. Does that make sense? If you worked the same amount of stitches, the toe and heel would curl up like a hat, instead of staying flat like a doily.

      • I get what you meant, but then when i reach Step 5 and did the ‘Sc44’, the stitch will never end at the stitch marker. Is it suppose to be like that as well??

          • It came out short, every time. Will it be ok if I just continue till it meets the stitch marker?

          • I am not sure, you can of course give it a try! But if it is coming out short, you are miscounting somewhere on the sole. Are you absolutely sure that you understand the increases? Your earlier question leads me to believe that might be where the problem is. Were you coming perfectly to the stitch marker up until then step 5?

    • Hi, Bethany and Priscilla! Bethany, your patterns are lovely. I made Baby Little Dot Mary Janes Slipper without any problem. I made for my 3 months daughter and for my friend’s daughter as well. I want to make a pair of booties for her son. I am a beginner in crochetting. This is my first time. I have a problem with round 4 size 8 (toddler pattern). I did (Sc2.Sc2innextst)3times 14 sc (Sc2.Sc2innextst)5times. I have 22 sts to the marker instead of 14. I am confused. I can’t find my mistake. I have 52 sts in round 3 as per the pattern. Round 4 is with total 60 sts so the increase is of 8 sts. If I make 18 sc instead of 14 sc I will have a nice shape of the sole :)

      • Hi! Thank so much! The increase has an extra single in between them, as opposed to only one in the previous round (i.e. sc, sc, sc 2 in the next st). Does that make sense? You will work a total of 4 sts over 3, where in the previous round you worked 3 sts over 2.

        • OMG! I didn’t understand the pattern correct. Sorry! I am a beginner and I learn now how to crochet and to read the patterns :) The pattern is(Sc2.Sc2innextst)3times 14 sc (Sc2.Sc2innextst)5times which was read by me like this: (sc2 in st sc2 in next st)3 times 14 sc (sc2 in st sc2 in next st) 5 times. I know now that it must be read ( sc1 sc1 sc2 in next st) 3 times . I made the sole! So happy! Thank you for the help.

  18. I love all your patterns they’re so adorable but I have the WORST time viewing them on a smart phone (windows & android) or tablet (android). It’s not just this pattern it’s all of them. The watermark on the pdf turns from a transparent grey to a black so dark you can’t see the text that runs on top of it. I’ve tried several different things to try and get it readable but haven’t had much luck, I’ve never seen that happen before. Desktop pdf versions look fine, but my printer doesn’t work so I’ve got to hand copy everything if I want to knit on the go.

    • Thank you so much! I am sorry! They look fine on all my devices but mine are all Apple. Did you try opening in Adobe Reader?

      • Yes, that’s viewing them through the official adobe reader apps. My tablet is android (kindle fire HD8) and just out of curiosity I viewed it on my husbands android smartphone (galaxy s4) and it looked perfect. :/ I think it’s a new os on his phone. I guess my electronics just hate me!

  19. Hi Bethany,
    I too, like some here, am having the problem of getting the 2 straps to correspond correctly following the pattern for 9-12 months.At the end of the 1st strap at step 7, the pattern says Sc13. This seems to be bringing the beginning of the 2nd strap too far back towards the heel.
    I would appreciate it if you would kindly look into this.
    Thank you.

  20. These are cute. I followed your video pattern, it was easy to follow. Going to make some shoes for my son and nephew. Love your site [:

      • Hi Bethany, I haven’t tried your patterns yet, I will. I want to say your work is beautiful, also thanks for noting on your page limitations of what your readers can and can’t do. I have been crocheting for a long time, not as well as you and others, I must say going on YouTube has helped me in learning how to read the patterns. Not all:))

  21. Your pattern is outstanding! I had absolutely no problems figuring this out, even without the video tutorial. Although, I did cheat and check it out for getting the toe flap right. :) I made two pairs of these adorable shoes today, and will be making many more! My almost 12mo old wore them today and they stayed on very well. That is so important with handmade baby shoes… and any shoes for that matter. These are nice and snug and I love that you can tighten them up a bit with the shoestring.
    Thanks so very much for an awesome pattern!

    • You are SO very welcome! Thank you for taking the time to let me know that you liked the pattern. It means a lot :) Have a wonderful week!

  22. I want to make these for my 7 month old but for some reason, I can’t find your pattern for the sole. Can you help me out with that?

  23. Thank you so much for the pattern! I taught myself to crochet about 8 weeks ago just so I could make baby items for my sister who is 43 and expecting a boy and a girl later this year. I have tried probably a dozen baby shoe and bootie patterns the last two weeks, some free and some purchased, and have not achieved as good as a result. Your pattern was easy to follow, quick and my results were perfect the first time! Finally I feel like I am not a total failure crocheting baby shoes!

    • Oh my goodness, you are so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment, it means so much :) Congratulations to your sister! Happy crocheting to you!!

  24. I have repeatedly worked the sole for the 9-12 month size, and the last part of step 2 says to sc13, but after 12 I am on top of my stitch marker. I am diligently counting and working the stitches in the pattern, but I am new to the world of crochet and have no idea where I am going wrong with this. Maybe I am not placing the stitch marker correctly? Is there a trick to knowing where to place it?

    • Hm. There isn’t really a trick. Did you watch the video tutorial? It is for the 3-6 month, but maybe it will give you an idea of where you might be going wrong. Although, you really should be right on top of it, because you are working in the round. You are coming back to exactly where you started. If you are not there yet, or you worked past it, then you are off.

      • Thanks for responding – I did watch the video tutorial while I was working on it (by the way, your videos are great help!) I think what I will do is try it again, placing the stitch marker where I did before, and then move it over one, since that’s where I seemed to be off each time. Hopefully it works out! I am really enjoying learning how to read patterns, and these baby booties are teaching me a lot. Thanks!

          • I gave up and decided to try the 6-9 month size and so far it is working! I have a question about the 9-12 month pattern: In step two, the single crochet instructions are 12 and then 13. In all the other sizes, the single crochet counts are the same (7, 9, and 11). Could this be the source of my problem?

  25. I need 2 more stitches to get to the stitch marker. I made the little mary janes with no problems. Not sure what i am doing wrong

  26. I am having trouble with the 6-9m size when I get to the toe straps. I’ve been moving my marker up and have the right number of stitches. But after I complete Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc. Dc2tog 3 times. Sc 8. and then complete the strap and sc 13 the straps are not even. one is way back and the other is too close to the front.

  27. These are sooo adorable , but I can’t get it right. :( I am trying to make the 0-3. I use the markers but it isn’t turning out right. Step 1 has 25 stitches. Step 2 has 30. Step 3 has 50 the Step 4 says to sc around 38 St’s. How do I go from 50 St’s to 38. I love these shoes and want to make them for my nephew. Thank you so very much for sharing your pattern. I hope this makes sense and you can help me. Thanks again and God Bless.

    • Thank you! Hm. Where are you getting your numbers? The first round should only have 22 sts. It sounds like you might not be doing the increases correctly. 2 sc in the 3 sts around the heel and the 5 around the toe, and then for the next round, you will work 1 single in between the doubles for the increase. I have a video for the sole, it might help you. It is the 3-6 month size, but the theory is the same, the length will be different, but the toes and heel will be worked the same.

      • On the same size (0-3) my straps aren’t coming out even. Yes I’m using a stitch marker and proper hook. And I count every section (e.i. Hdc, dc2tog, dc3, dc2tog, hdc). This is the third shoes I’ve tried to make.

          • Did you by chance watch the video? It is a 3-6 month size, but the differences are in length, and it’s helpful for all sizes. I am thinking you may have missed an increase.(which would be unnoticeable, because you would still come back to your st marker until the next round) Let me know if you still can’t figure it out! I will help you get it finished.

          • I go back and count the increases. And every section. Everything lines up except the straps.

          • I am so sorry! That is very frustrating :( I just worked up a pair and they came out perfect so I am sure there is no error in the pattern. The only thing I can think is 1) you are not joining the new color in the right place 2) you are overlooking a couple sneaky stitches on accident. (For instance, step 7 – Sc in same st. SC.) Take a look at the video and see if it can help you. (if you haven’t already). Take a break and come back! And let me know if you need more help.

  28. I’m using a g hook. It is slightly larger then the pattern calls for. I crochet pretty tightly and my finished product is always smaller than it should be. But with these shoes I’ve used worsted yarn and regular yarn and they aren’t coming out the size they should be.

  29. i am having one heck of a time getting these right… maybe it’s b/c all my crocheting has been limited to afghans and blankets that directions for wearables just throw me.
    i am wondering if you or any readers have a video of making these? or at least a pic of the beginning and end of each round?
    these are my questions:
    step 4 – join with slip st and finish off….join what? finish off – how?
    step 5 – join at top of ch….join what?
    steps 6 – join what ? where? should the round end at the marker?

    sorry for being dense about this..but i’m just lost trying to follow these steps.

    • Step 4: work a sl st in the next st so you don’t have a jagged step/corner where your last st was and have a nice continuous edge, and finish off/weave in your ends
      Step 5: Join your second color at the top of chain, you will now be working in joined rows, and no longer be using the st marker
      Step 6:Join the end of your round with the beginning of the round, with a sl st.
      I am currently working on a video.

  30. Okay thank you so much! I really appreciate it. The shoes are just darling! I am determined to get it to work up correctly! I have another question. After you join your new color at your stitch marker and chain 1, do you hdc where you tied off your first color with a sl st or do you skip that st and hdc in the next stitch?

  31. These shoes are darling. I have attempted to make the 9-12 month size shoes numerous times and cannot seem to get past the toe straps. They are not directly across from one another on the shoe, but uneven. Hopefully that makes sense. I read through the comments, but it doesn’t look like anyone else has had the same issue. I’ve never used a stitch marker before so maybe I messed up there. Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? Thanks!

    • Definitely the stitch marker. You don’t join where you tie off, you join at the stitch marker, so if you joined your second color at the wrong place, the rest of the pattern will be off. Sorry! Try again with a stitch marker :)

      • Okay thank you! Can you explain how or when to use the stitch marker? The pattern for 9-12 months just says to “move up your maker” on step 4 and “start with your new color at your stitch marker” on step 5. I’m not sure what this means. Sorry I feel a bit silly for not knowing! Thank you!!

        • I am having this same problem…I’m confused…do I just leave a space between where I ‘finish off’ and the stitch marker??

          • I attempted 9-12 month pattern again using a stitch marker this time and the straps are still uneven. So I tried the 0-3 month size and those came out perfectly! Is it possible there’s a typo somewhere in the 9-12 month? Sorry to be a pain, but I really want to make the 9-12 month size for my son’s first birthday.

          • It is definitely possible. For a quick fix, instead of waiting for me to work up a pair and figure out if there is a problem, you can try adjusting the sc between the straps. If your second strap is bit too close to the toe, work an extra sc to even it out. You can even fold the bootie in half lengthwise, lining everything up perfect, and your starting sc should be in the exact middle of the opposite strap. I have made hundreds of these from my own pattern and they work for me, but I will still see if there is a mistake, and I will let you know here, so check back.

          • Thank you so much after my 4th attempt things started clicking and I finally finished a pair of 3-6 months and they are ADORABLE!!!!! Now off to make a pair for me!! :)

      • I am really wanting to make these for my 5 ur old son he’s size 11 can u please help me to where I can make these for him

        • If you are using the same yarn, go up 2 chains on the foundation for each size up (if you want it the same width). TO make it wider, add an extra round on the sole, but make sure to compensate for the length of the extra round. And make sure to add an extra stitch in between the increases in the toe and heel. You could also try a bulkier yarn and bigger hook, and work the largest size.

  32. Love these shoes so much! the heel of mine look funny though. Instead of the back being straight up, it curls in similar to how the toe part does but not as severely (if that makes sense…). Do you know of any reasons why and what I’m doing wrong?
    Thank you!!!

    • It is supposed to curve so it stays on baby’s feet! The photo is a bit old, I should probably update it. I made them for my niece and they wouldn’t stay on for more than a second, so I altered the heel so it curved over and they stayed on much better. You are doing it right!

  33. the booties are adorable. i am having a bit of a challenge getting started. step one – i am confused with the instruction “working across opposite side” after the 7 dc. might you be able to explain in a bit more detail what you mean? thanks so much.

    • When you work 7 dc, it will be like half a circle, it will bring you around the end of the chain, around to the other side. From there,you will work across the under side of the chain (which now is on top)until you reach the beginning.

  34. Hi I love these and are in the process of making them but your logo seems to be covering up the pattern when I download it? Is it just my phone?

  35. I really like your baby boat booties and was wondering if you have a full video on how to make the whole thing im not good with instructions im a visual learner

  36. Hi! I’ve been redoing this pattern over and over. I’m working on a 3-6 month size. At step 4 it says to sc 42 st. Well this doesn’t match up with my stitch marker. And then after that the whom pattern is off. Help please! :) my stitch marker is at st 34 of the sc.

    • Hi Julie! I dug out a shoe and counted the stitches, and it appears to be the correct stitch count number. However, maybe if you just work one st in each st around and continue on with the pattern, it might still work, but it will be small. Did you work the increases around the toe correctly? Let me know if that works for you!

  37. Love the pattern. I am confused, after round seven, u say to tie off after making strap holes. No directions on how to re attach the toe flap. Please help.

    • You sew them on with a yarn or tapestry needle. Just go in and out until it is secured in place. Make sure to secure the beginning and end well, since that is where the pressure will be when they are used.

  38. I have tried to put these together several times. Took me a bit to understand the flap but after I figured out I worked around the 7 sc for 0-3 month size and began the next flap. They were not even close to being even. Have I done something wrong?

    • Did you join your second color at the correct place? It is not supposed to be joined where you tied off the white, but at the stitch marker, which I say in the pattern to move up before tying off.

  39. I love this pattern! I was wondering if it’s possible to make for an adult size? Preferably a women’s size 7. If you can help, it’d be greatly appreciated. Email me if possible, at . Please and thank you! :)

  40. These are adorable! Is there a gauge? I did see that newborn sole should be 3 1/2 inches in length, which helps. How about the other sizes? Thank you so much for sharing your darling pattern with us!

  41. Hello! These are adorable! I’ve made 3 pairs (2 for newborns and 1 for 3-6 months) and to my horror i’ve been told that they are all way too small for any newborn to wear! I’m wondering where i went wrong. Do you use US crochet terms as opposed to UK crochet terms? My newborn shoe is about 6 cm long and the 3-6 month shoe is abt 8 cm long. Thank you for your help!

    • Thank you! Yes, this pattern is US terms. That could be throwing you off. Or it could just simply be your tension. The 0-3 size should be about 3 1/2 inches long (about 9 cm i think). So go up a hook size or hold your yarn looser. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you do much for sharing…. I have been crocheting for many years but truly have trouble with this pattern. I have started and re-started this several times and the stitches never add up. Would you please let me know if you make a video. These would look great on my new Grand baby. Thanks ; )

    • Thank you do much for sharing…. I have been crocheting for many years but truly have trouble with this pattern. I have started and re-started this several times and the stitches never add up. Would you please let me know if you make a video. These would look great on my new Grand baby. Thanks ; )

    • I can do that, but I would like to try and help you now! What specific problem are you having? (e.g. how is it not working, what row are you getting stuck on)

    • I used a larger hook and now the size looks right! Thank you so much! One more question, i cant seem to get the toe end of the shoes to be as square as your pictures, are they actually round? I sew on the tongue of the shoe by turning the shoe inside out and sewing it onto the lowest or second lowest seam of the shoe (not sole). Perhaps I am sewing it wrong? Thank you for being so helpful!

    • Great! The toes are round. That is a good way to do it. I sew it from the outside and on top because I like the look of the seam going around the top, but you can do it any way that you like. You’re welcome, have a good day!

  42. You might think I’m weird, but I want to make these for me lol. I love them, they are the cutest slippers I’ve found, the problem is I’m a size 10. Is it possible to make them in adult sizes? Will they still look cute? Thank you for your time and I LOVE your patterns!!!

  43. You might think I’m weird, but I want to make these for me lol. I love them, they are the cutest slippers I’ve found, the problem is I’m a size 10. Is it possible to make them in adult sizes? Will they still look cute? Thank you for your time and I LOVE your patterns!!!

  44. Hello. I have attempted this pattern twice and I think where I’m going wrong is at the very end. How is the toe piece supposed to be attached? Do you have a video of that anywhere?

    • I don’t. Just lay it where it should be and using your needle, catch the edge of the toe flap, and go through the corresponding sl st on the shoe (in and out until it is sew on). Are you getting stuck somewhere specific?

  45. I would love a 12-18 month pattern. Could you please do the next size up? My daughter wears a size 3 shoe and it’s pretty hard to find patterns for this age group. If you do that would be great!!! Thanks =)

  46. Hello :) Thank you for the great pattern :) The only thing that I can’t figure out is the toe piece sewing on the top… What technique do you use? Do you join toe piece with row made in 7 or 6 step? It seems that after the sewing you make some more slip stich chains on the top (I see two rows of chain on the top of finished bootie).Can you explain it in more detail.
    Greatings from Lithuania :)

    • You are welcome! I just went in and out with my tapestry needle, I didn’t really have a special technique! Line up the end of the toe piece with one st after the toe straps, that is where I started. The little “corners” at the bottom( where you started with the flap) of the toe piece should fit perfectly in between the straps on the shoe, so make sure that is lined up as your are sewing. I didn’t do any more crocheting after sewing it on. Also, the toe flap is a different length for each size, the size pictured is a 3-6 month.

  47. Love this pattern! I made a few changes on my own to get the look I wanted. I worked in rounds (joining and ch. 1) instead of working a continuous round. Also on round 7 (0-3 size) I worked 8sc rather than 4 hdc2tog

    • Great! Although without the hdc2tog sts around the heel, they might not stay on baby’s feet very well [I actually edited the pattern ( which originally had 8 hdc) after I gave a pair to my niece and they didn’t stay on]. I would love to see a picture!

  48. Wonderful work. I wanted to donate via PayPal but they told me your account was closed. Is there any other way to donate without using a credit card?

    I hope the little Brylee gets better. The best wishes for her and her family.

    • Hi! Thank you so much, but the woman who was handling all of Brylee’s donations has quit, and they have yet to set up a new paypal account. Hopefully soon, but as of right now, try Thanks again!

  49. Oh my goodness. I thought I was asking about these booties, not the Monk strap booties. I’m so sorry. Sorry to have wasted your time. :{
    (silly me)
    I’m trying to make these 0-3 months but am stuck on color B and after.
    I’ve tried a few times to work step 5 and so forth but keep getting the toe part at the heel… please help me fix it. Thank you so so much. I really appreciate it.
    P.S. LOVE your work. :}:}:}:}:}:]
    P.P.S. I hope your friends daughter Brylee gets better and stays better. Love donating to a good cause. :} Hope it helps. Will pray to God for that precious lil girl. :}

    • Thank you and no problem! Well, you are immediately working on the heel on step 5. So you begin by starting the new color, then you begin the heel: Hdc 1, Dc 8, Hdc 1. Then you just finish the round with sc sts. You shouldn’t quite have the toe formed yet. In case I didn’t make it clear enough on the pattern, the toe flap is a separate piece that you attach with a yarn needle when it’s done. And thank you so much for your prayers and donation, every bit helps :)

  50. Do you have any suggestions on how to make these for a 2 year old toddler that wears a size 8 shoe?? I’m making these for my friend’s baby and my little boy keeps wanting to put them on! lol

    • Haha! How cute! You could use this pattern as a template, and just make the sole longer and wider. I have actually seen some interest in making some of my patterns in to toddler sizes, so I am working on getting them written and published.

    • Thanks so much! I am so glad you like my pattern! I fixed the link, so you should be able to donate now. Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t working.

  51. These are so cute, although, I had a question. On step 5 where it says not to join, do you just keep working around? I kept going like that and it felt like I was then working the top toe part on the heel section of the bottom, if you know what I mean.

    • Make sure you are using a stitch marker. This pattern is done “in the round” which means you don’t join the rounds. If your marker is where it is supposed to be (step one tells where to put it) hopefully, you shouldn’t have trouble. The sc2tog helps keep the heel snug.

  52. Oh my goodness these are darling! And they definitely work well for both boys & girls. Loafers are great for everyone. I will definitely be making these!

    PS Thank you for your sweet comment on my Gen. Conf. TV Toning post! :)

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  53. So cute! Now if only I knew what all those crochet codes mean it would be awesome. I can crochet basic stuff be just looking at samples but following steps like the ones you share are like me swimming. [P.S. I don’t know how to swin. YIKES!] Thanks so much for sharing. Hm, would it be possible to create a post sharing what the crochet codes mean?

    • I’m using a g hook. It is slightly larger then the pattern calls for. I crochet pretty tightly and my finished product is always smaller than it should be. But with these shoes I’ve used worsted yarn and regular yarn and they aren’t coming out the size they should be.

  54. Ohhh, I’ve been wanting to find a cute shoe crochet pattern for my little boy, everything is always for girls, but these are perfect! Can’t wait to make them!!

  55. Ps WordPress users can’t help it they’re no reply bloggers :( here’s an article if your interested in learning how to contact your nrb’s. hope it helps!

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