It’s hat season! Here in northern Utah it’s been cold for a while, but it took me a while to get with the program.

I have been in love with the African flower motif for a while, but never found a reason to make one

Then the idea for an African flower headwarmer came to me in a dream! That sounds totally weird, but I have extremely vivid dreams ( to the point of exhaustion) and I remember them like they were actual memories, so I actually get ideas from my crazy memory/dreams. 

Anyway, I woke up and crocheted this beauty.
And I love how it turned out. It’s so comfortable, so warm and so pretty, too!

Free Crochet Pattern - African Flower Motif Head Warmer. So cozy, and so comfy for winter. {Pattern by Whistle and Ivy}


I just had to make two. 

Free Crochet Pattern - African Flower Motif Head Warmer. So cozy, and so comfy for winter. {Pattern by Whistle and Ivy}  


Free Crochet Pattern - African Flower Motif Head Warmer. So cozy, and so comfy for winter. {Pattern by Whistle and Ivy}  


I would love to share this pattern with you!

One thing first though, this pattern is more of a GUIDE than a precise pattern. BUT, this is pretty simply and very difficult to ruin. So bear with the pattern, and let me know if you have questions.

What you need:
-F hook
-Cotton yarn (Peaches & Creme) in three colors
-Gauge: the finished headwarmer is 22″ and each flower has an approx diameter of 3 3/4 “
To begin, make four African flowers from this awesome tutorial by Heidi from Heidi Bears.
 Skip the steps where she joins the 4th and 5th colors and finish off after the round with the 3rd color. I played with the colors and alternated the inside color and outside color, but you can make each flower the same, that would be super cute, too.
Tie off all loose ends and line up your flowers end to end.  Sl st each of them together, right sides together. Join your yarn, Ch 1, sl st 8 across the side. Tie off. Repeat three times until all 4 are joined in a strip.
Starting at the top right corner of one of the ends, join your yarn with a sl st. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc  13. Sl st 5. (Sc 2, Hdc 1, Dc 3, Tc 1, Dc 3, Hdc 1, sc 2, Sl st 5) Work three times.** {Tc should be right in the middle where the two flowers meet }
 Sc 4.
You are now at the corner on the opposite end.  You will now build the end strap.
1. Sc 8.Turn.
2. Ch 1. Sc in same st. Sc 7.  Turn.
3. Ch 1. Sc2tog. Sc 4. Sc2tog.
4. Ch 1. Sc in same st. sc 5.
5.-7. Repeat row 4.
Sl st down the side of the strap and back to the flowers.
Starting on the other side of your headband:
Sc 5. Sl st 6. (Sc 2, Hdc 1, Dc 3, Tc 1, Dc 3, Hdc 1, Sc 2, Sl st 6) Work 3 times.**
 Sc 4.
You should be at the corner of the opposite end. Join with the first sc. Don’t finish off.
Making the second strap:
1. Ch 1. Sc in the same st. Sc 7. Turn.
2. Ch 1. Sc2tog. Sc 4. Sc2tog.
3. Ch 1. Sc in same st. sc 5.
4. Ch 1. Sc in same st. ch 4. sk 3 std, and sc into next st. Sc into last st. Turn. (button hole)
5. Ch 1. Sc in same st. sc 5. Sl st into the side of the first st 1 row down. It make the edge of the button hole round. Tie off.
Attach a chunky button( about 1″ or 1 ½”) to the opposite strap as the button hole.
** Don’t worry if the count is off along the tops of the flowers. I think I made a couple mistakes when I was making my flowers, but just make sure you are working the  1 hdc, 3 dc, 1 tc, 3 dc and 1 hdc where the flowers meet, if you have to add an extra sc or sl st on the top to make it work out, it will still turn out fine!

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  1. Hi. I am new to crocheting and love your patterns. I made the navy hat with the little “v”s in gray and the furry gray pompom. I love it. I want to make a hat now that isn’t a slouchy hat, just a more traditional hat. Is your grand teton hat tight to the head or is it also a slouchy cap?

    1. Thank you! You can make the Snowfall hat less slouchy by stopping when your hat is about 8 1/2 inches tall. Yes, the Teton is not super slouchy, it fits like a ski hat (not a skull cap).

      1. Thanks so much for responding to me. I will try the grand teton hat. It is just beautiful. I really love you designs. Thanks for making the instructions easy enough for a beginner like me to follow!

  2. Beth, you’re amazing! I plan to make this headband today……LOVE finding different patterns. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into these great patterns!

  3. Ooh dear, I’m making the African Flower Headwarmer, and I must be blind. I, too, have had difficulty joining the flowers. I’m self taught at crochet, except with tutorials, and patterns. I get stuck pretty easily. A video of just how you joint the flowers is all I need. Or you could just send me an email with more clarity.. Once I read it outloud, the light bulb comes back one..

    1. Well, how I connected them is really not super special. Have you made an afghan from squares before? You can use any method you used for your afghan to connect the flowers. Or if it’s easier, just slip stitch them together, ignoring the part about the Back Loops Only.