Expandable Quietbook Binding

I know that I have been saying that I will get my son’s quiet book done for a while, (a few cute pages are here, here and here) but the main reason I haven’t bound it together is because I still have some fun quiet book ideas rattling around in my head. I didn’t want to bind it all together and not have the chance to make some more pages for it.

Then I decided I just needed a binding method that allowed me to add more pages as I create them.

Expandable quiet book binding DIY sewing

It’s very simple. I just sewed three strips of fabric on the inside spine of the cover and left the ends un-sewn. Then, I fished 3 binder rings through the holes. That’s it! To attach your pages, sew corresponding buttonholes, and place your pages in your binder.

Expandable quiet book binding DIY sewing

I am so happy to have a way to keep creating pages! Now, off to get buttonholes sewn onto each page.

Happy sewing :)


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