Whistle and Ivy: Post-Holiday Tropical Cucumber Green Smoothie

Monday, December 30, 2013

Post-Holiday Tropical Cucumber Green Smoothie

Well, we made it through the holidays! (Perhaps a few pounds heavier?) I might be, but I refuse to step on the scale until I have been back on a healthy food/exercise regimen for at least 2 weeks. This help alleviate any guilt I might have for eating Christmas treats.

We do lots of vegetable and fruit smoothies in my house, mostly because I don't really know very many delicious vegetable side dishes, and the ones I do know, my son isn't in love with. I will continue to offer steamed vegetables at dinner, but until he gets on board, I will be pushing the "green juice, " which he loves, so it's not too big of deal.

post holiday healthy green smoothie kale spinach pine apple

Well, I was messing around, just adding a few random things, and I found a delicious new combination!

2-3 Kale leaves
3 chunks of frozen chopped spinach (about 3/4 C)
1/2 Cucumber
1 banana
1 C frozen pinapple chunks
Enough water to get it moving through your blender ( I sometimes add a little v8 fusion for extra flavor, but keep in mind, this will add extra calories)

{I use a lot of frozen fruits and vegetables, click HERE for why they might be healthier than fresh)

Kid approved!

My husband's friend, who is a goldmine of health and fitness knowledge, says the best time to exercise is in the morning right when you get up. According to him, it kickstarts your metabolism. Good to know.
Here's to a healthy new year!! {The whole year ;) }


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